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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
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Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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 Why Can't I Learn Here?, closed, Sari
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 09:54 PM

Group: Members
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Pronouns: she/her/hers

Enam sat there in the Great Hall, a small plate of food in front of her, and she sat there, head up, despite wanting to hide. And one spoonful of food at a time, she ate. There was no emotion on her face, no feelings, no anything on her face. It was blank.

She hated that.

Hated it more, that she wasn't able to be herself, that she wasn't able to understand her gifts, but that she also knew that she needed to understand it. Her father wanted to send her away to learn how, but Em wished more than anything, that it would be possible for her to learn about her powers, her skills, right there in Skullstones Hold...

She sighed softly and looked down at her plate.


 Posted: Jun 25 2018, 06:32 PM

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It was rare for him to get sent out from Frog River Hold, but now that he was a dragonrider--kind of--some of the higher ups had wanted to test him a little, become more interested in the person who was previously just a low level grunt. Zaveln didn't mind. Dutiful as always, he had come here to do some business dealings, along with another individual from Frog River, probably looking to watch out for him.

Well, here he was. He had a meeting set up for the next day. It was all a lot. He wasn't very good at the whole socializing thing. Or even the whole talking thing. But he would try. And succeed, Yaverrseth reminded him. She'd been told to remain at Frog River, but after much convincing--it would be a learning experience, and she couldn't leave dear Z'ln on his own!--they'd gotten a dragon to ferry her. They weren't happy about it, but Yaverrseth didn't like having to miss out, after all.

So, into the great hall the pair went. More than a few eyes watched the pair, much to Zaveln's dismay. Of course, the tiny little scout was at a hold, and of course, said tiny little scout had several pouches and bags strapped to her body, making her look even weirder.

He got his food, clearing his throat awkwardly, and hoping people would stop looking. As he glanced around, he forced himself to meet their gazes--though unfortunately, he probably looked more intimidating than anything else. Without paying much attention to where he was going, he sat down at someone's table, only to spot Enam sitting near where he'd found himself. A young teenage girl, who looked upset. "Are you--"

Before he could finish that thought, Yaverrseth popped up beside the girl, offering one of her paws, as if to shake it. This person seemed interesting...and also in need of some cheering up. Hello, I'm Yaverrseth, and this is my Z'ln. We're here to help, with whatever is going on. The dragon tilted her head.

"Zaveln, actually," Zaveln said, correcting his dragon.

Right. I know.

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