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 Spy vs Steward, Or Steward vs Spy.
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 12:51 PM

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Who: Cairon(Caro) and Csianraa(Grey).
Where: Skullstones Hold.
When: sometime in 2265.
What: It's noticed that Csianraa(not as himself of-course) isn't the person people at the Hold thought he was, and he gets caught. Then he and Cairon chat, mostly about nothing, or maybe stories.

This wasn't a planned log, but took on a life on its own XD


'A spy and a steward walk into a bar..'

Csianraa; -waves to Cairon- So, hello?

Cairon: :I :I :I -suspicious squint-

Csianraa; -Doesn't help if I spin a tale about being set up, this being a misunderstanding, or anything. No? Hmm, can't really see so much to lighten the mood. But just the thought is positive?-

Cairon: -does that thing where he crosses his arms over his chest and s t a r e s-

Csianraa; -Nooo, don't feel like a staring contest right now. And can't cross his arms, his hands are sort of stuck probably. And that tongue-tied? -

Cairon, totally deadpan: Hmm. What are we to do with you.

Csianraa; I don't think you'd listen to any suggestions I have?

Cairon: ....No, I don't think I would :I

Csianraa; So what's on your mind? -so this is a tangled situation, that he can't salvage. Don't mean that he won't talk, as long as it's not about things he can't say :3-

Cairon: -still standing with arms crossed and disapproving expression- I think you can probably guess, which is to say, what are is your business at Skullstones? This would all go much easier if you simply tell me.

Csianraa; -so serious you are. Keeping to looking like being in a somewhat lighter mood himself- Probably. I wasn't who I was thought to be, someone noticed. So I was somewhere I wasn't welcome? And I can't tell, sorry.

Cairon: -visibly fighting a scowl- Enlightening. But I think you must be aware that there are consequences for being somewhere you are not welcome. They might not be so bad if you tell us who you are working for.

Csianraa; -shifts just slightly, where he stands(or sits)- Consequenses happen? I might just have been curious? Or working responsibility, like your own people probably does? -No answer for you, nope-

Cairon: -looms, expressionless- You might have been, but I suspect you were not. -pointedly ignoring part of that sentence- No innocent would be so determined to make excuses. So tell me--what brought you to Skullstones Hold?

Csianraa; -That's right, I'm shorter than you- Curiosity can make people do a lot of things? That probably sound a bit too much like a joke though. -just a very brief grin- I like to talk. Just can't answer spesifics, you know that. Information, that sort of thing.

Cairon: -still s t a r e s- Indeed :I I can see that. So what was exploring in Skullstones Hold?

Csianraa; -stares back briefly. First with left eye open, and the other shut. Then reversing it. - That would be telling too much. It helps if I say that I didn't get so far? -might be a lie. Might be half a lie. Might be that he's saying the truth-

Cairon: -takes a step closer to loom better- So you admit that there is something to tell, in that case. -raises an eyebrow-

Csianraa; -you have to get a lot closer to cause any leaning back. Though that might be dangerously close, posssibly- Since it was pretty clear already that you wouldn't believe in stories? Already asked you if you wanted to go that way, and got a negative. -besides, talking gives time-

Cairon: Perhaps I've changed my mind :I Tell me a story, and we will see how I feel about this...incursion. Unless you would like to wait and meet Lord Camiron himself, who I'm sure would be just charmed to meet such an intruder.

Csianraa; I was hoping to find information, valuables, those can sell for a lot, you know. -soooo would rather not, that'd complicate things even more. But at the same time, even if not saying so out loud, of-course :3 Can you keep using that talent you have to keep me from reaching anyone on the outside, while letting your brother use any telepathy he might have If that's the plan at least? -

Cairon: Indeed they can. -long stare- How novel. Do you have regular customers in mind for such things, assuming it was as simple as that? -expression suggests he doesn't entirely believe Csianraa but is playing along for now-

Csianraa; Hardly novel. So many who try, then some of us go and get caught, others try to the job, and so it continues? And names? You underestimate people -you aksed for stories. You're getting stories :3-

Cairon: It is the simplest of story, the self-interested thief. I suppose I was expecting something more complex. So tell me another story :I

Csianraa; Still one of the more likely stories though? Complex...then it's just to easy to go through all sorts of fantastic turns, and it ends up being easily poked holes into -grins- I could still try to think of something though, if it's entertaining?
Cairon: -inclines his head- I will give you that. For believability, it is always best to stick to the simple story. But now I am curious--indulge me. What were you doing in Skullstones?

Csianraa; So, this is me sticking to the simply story? You asked for a story -asking that again and again, it's not going to get you to an answer that might be true. Should know that, after I've dodged it several times now-

Cairon: -makes an exasperated noise- You could tell me anything, you know. You know I have no way of checking it, you could muddle your trail entirely. But you must have come from somewhere and I have people too. I don't need your story. If you are not interested in elaborating, so be it. -turns to go then pauses, thoughtful-

Csianraa; Sure I could. That still wouldn't help on making my trail any muddier than it is. Checking might take you a short time, and then we're back to this. Nothing, that's pretty effective too. -could have training, sure. Could also just be a very stubborn person, doing it for his own winning, that thinks he has any sort of upper hand and don't know what he's stepped into-

Cairon: -gives Csianraa a long look, since that is pretty much exactly his own strategy; voice is very bland when he speaks again- I can almost respect that. So I shall let you enjoy your nothing for a time, and then perhaps you can tell me a different story. Or you can continue to talk while saying nothing at all, it makes little difference to me. The outcome will be the same.

Csianraa; -interesting times, and strategies. Effective too :3- Hey, I'm not one to mind time to think. After all the talking I've done too. You look more tired of it than I am though.

Cairon: -smiles slowly, very coldly, in a way that doesn't reach his eyes- I hope you are comfortable during your stay at Skullstones, sir. -gestures Cadenza to stay and withdraws; a Hold full of Mindreaders is not a good place for secrets-

Csianraa; -well, those kinds of smiles are just sad- I'll try, reserving judgement until later -certainly not, he's absolutely aware of that. But he also got a bit more time with the talking, and waiting and seeing how much more time he gets. Fingers crossed for that it's enough, right, before anyone come along and finds out anything shocking?-

Csianraa; -Also, hello to the good-looking firelizard. Don't take it as any attempt to charm or anything. Just thinking the truth. If anything he thinks can reach you now-

Cairon: -lets the door close quietly behind him, locks it firmly, and sets guards outside- This one is clever, don't underestimate him :I

Cadenza: -peeps at Csianraa and cocks her head-

Csianraa; -Probably too well secured to get out quickly, even with talent use. Don't see Cairon as the person to take chances like that, even with leaving the firelizard behind to watch. Aaand, still no mindspeak. Just fingers crossed for that someone on the outside can do something then, soon. Did get a 'oops, caught' out to other people before meeting Cairon- So just us two?

Mystery Firelizard; -pops in! I'm bigger than you are, so nyah! Might try to tackle you too >) -

Cadenza: -angry chitters and chases off after Mystery Firelizard--how dare they intrude, don't they know she is doing Business??-

Mystery firelizard; -Intruding is fun! 8D Flails around all the cell, just bouncing off a wall once or twice. And pfft, you're a officer, sure you're female?-

Sudden darkness; -appears at some point, in the entire cell. So if Cairon wasn't warned through Cadenza that something was going on already. He sure is now?

Cadenza: -angry chittering intensifies as she zooms after them, then screeches to a stop as everything plunges into darkness. She might be just a firelizard but she can tell this is Very Very Bad and Cairon is going to be Very Angry-

Mystery firelizard; -Expected that, you didn't! So mocking chittering back from somewhere. Then maybe just the slight sound of claws against the floor as it finds Csianraa and climbs-

Csianraa; -keeps quiet. And isn't there if the cell door is opened at some point. Maybe making use of those moments one of his talents give him to slip out, if there was space for him to pass, maybe he got out some other way. Isn't keeping you guessing fun?-

Sudden darkness; -gradually fades away over the next five minutes or so after anyone came to check-

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