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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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Aug 11 2018, 06:15 PM
So, even if I (hopefully) haven't shown it much. I've been feeling grumpier, etc than usual. And after thinking about it for a while, I think the best thing to do is to take a break from the rp part of SN for some time. Right now I'm not sure for how long.

I'll still lurk around in the chat and throw a few words in when I feel up for it, of-course
Jul 18 2018, 03:33 PM
Weyrs, even if he could see that they had their reasonable uses, weren't his most liked places to visit. But he did sometimes still. For example, just to have a change of scenery and society from Holds and Halls, or the uninhabited parts of the world. Even if he didn't so often spend so much time around the last of those. Living wild was not an interesting thing to do for longer spans of time.

So in the morning, around mid-morning to be spesific, Yanarith found himself at the Plateau 'Weyrbowl'. As a human of-course, and would introduce himself as such, and as Netarrin, to anyone who might ask.
Jun 27 2018, 04:32 PM
Officer(f) Keroth x officer Morgoth.

Their age is undecided as of yet. They can be anywhere from three years and eight months old, to newly hatched. First person to adopt gets to decide how old they are XD

These dragons are likely to be officers, knights, soldiers, and maybe one scout.


Name: Bellereth.
Inspiration: D&D black dragon
Personality: Is definitely not among the more moral dragons around. Can be vicious, and has a rather bad temper. So she hit you with her claws and now you're bleeding, who cares? May listen to scolding and being diciplined, but will definitely be in a black mood after and is best left alone for a while. For ones own safety. Much prefers nature with marshes, swamps and the like. Places with still standing water are best, and the more cover in the way of trees or other vegetation, the better. Definitely going to prefer a home deep in the bowels of the Weyr, than some light and airy weyr. Will find favorite places like these. Has a strange affinity with tunnel snakes and their relatives, the larger, the better. Other animals however, is not safe around this dragon. They're close enough to catch, they're prey. May manage to find friends. However, with most other people and dragons, it'll be a situation that's more like a uneasy truce. Don't come pestering though, and you might get left alone. Will always prefer to eat fish and other water-dwelling critters. Molluscs are so tasty, aren't they? And they crunch so nicely... Also has a liking for pickled food, or anything that has aged nicely in various ways. Though by that aging, it may at times seem rather unappetizing to others.


Name: Brivvanth.
Inspiration: D&D blue dragon
Personality: So very vain. Will definitely enjoy being praised for both looks and accomplishments. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this dragon can be bought, or can be flattered into doing stuff though. Not unless it's something that is also of benefit to the dragon. Rather possessive, if not territorial. It being of rider, weyr, or various possessions. Is very willing to fight for them. Suspicious of possible competitors. Enjoys hot weather, the warmer the better. Particurlarly deserts and areas that are dry and warm for much of the year. Expect complains during winter in colder regions of the world. Also, sand, it's great for burrowing in, isn't it? If upset, angry and so on, doesn't tend to bother to hide it. Displays, roaring and generally letting others know, that's the way to go. Is a very impressive dragon anyway, so everyone SHOULD take note. Unafraid, but generally try to avoid confrontations that may lead to scars and such. Going for ranged attacks where possible is the way. Very fond of the color blue. Bit of a collector, especially of blue gems and stones. Order is important, and of-course it's also important for this dragon to be as close to the top of the ranks as possible. To arrange for things to be orderly, of-course. Still, can work very well with others when motivated to do so. Is very proud of being able to speak vocally, as well as telepathically.


Name: Beressith.
Inspiration: D&D brass dragon
Personality: Rather gregarious. Just loves to talk with people, and may become rather infamous for this. Fortunately, will at least grow into someone not an annoying chatterbox. is fairly bright, studious, and can hold a sensible conversation. Shares a love for heat with a certain sibling. Also has a bad habit of intentionally annoying said sibling. Living dangerously and fast can be a fun thing. Is absolutely the faster of the two. But also enjoys to be more inventive when it comes to methods of escape. Like by burrowing. Good at planning ahead. Likes to hang out at the busier parts of the Weyr, but that's not really surprising. Rather talk with people, than do typical stuff like fight thread. Dumber dragons can do that, right? Doesn't neccessarily have a good sense of responsibility when it comes to the suposed most important job of dragons. Not a big eater, manages just fine on little food. Definitely isn't fuzzy about what to eat. If not so much of a collector. Prefers artwork made out of wood, stone and the like over any other. Even trying to learn from people who makes such. Talking is always much better than fighting. Humble, at least a bit so, when bothering to be. Does have a fairly cheerful sense of humor about things, and self, though.


Name: Bessazenth.
Inspiration: D&D bronze dragon.
Personality: So, justice is really important, do you understand? At least this dragon's view of justice. Disapproves heavily of cruelty and such, and will strike out at any that may deserve it. Most often personally, and not neccessarily in non-violent ways. Very inquisitive, and fascinated by other thinking beings; humans and so on. May try to do personal studies while remaining as unnoticeable as possible. Loves water, particurlarly the ocean, and can spend a long time swimming around when possible. Rather altruistic. because why not help people when they need it? Likely to test peoples morals in various ways, and therefore needs to think out ways to do that to get realistic results. Still, maybe strangely in some ways, also fascinated by warfare. Likely to study it extensively. Though only likely to fight alongside someone if approving of their cause and methods.


Name: Caliverth.
Inspiration: D&D copper dragon
Personality: Humor, especially of the clever kind, it's part of what makes life great. While it isn't everything of-course, jokes, riddles, and thinking up pranks of various complexity, it adds color. Rather good natured and kind, and not surprisingly, enjoys most forms of humor. Except if it's too dark or cruel, that's just in bad taste. Gets along well with (brass dragon), and they're often found talking, hanging out in the same places. Enjoys a challenge, and may have a hard time not pouncing on them sometimes. Prefers to annoy and embarass unlikeable people, rather than going for a physical fight. Enjoys climbing, and engaging in a sort of dragon 'parkour' where possible. Great way to train those muscles and reflexes, isn't it? Likes to have company around, and people who can appreciate a joke and so on. Likely to go for giving gifts if there's another dragon(or a few dragons), who's really deserving of that extra attention. And where interest is mutual. of-course. Determined hunter. Prefers to track and stalk dinner, and take it down before it even knows it's being hunted. Rather than be boring and just go for a unfortunate beast in a pen.


Name: Gedrivanth.
Inspiration: D&D gold dragon.
Personality: Is not fond of those who doesn't meet expected levels of being a decent person. Holds self to very high standards too. And while mercy and forgiveness may be given in many cases, it's also dependent on how bad a person is. If they really try to do better. Anyone this dragon believes to be truly horrible though, they may be snatched up and delivered to those who can be trusted to uphold the system of justice and law. Lacking that though...may not hesitate to personally make sure they won't be able to do evil again. Even if doing that is of-course not something that should be done easily, and only as a last resort. Can often be frustrated by that most people doesn't really hold themselves to that high of a standard. So picks allies, people who can really be trusted, with care. Very patient, and can hold long conversations. Philosophy, ethics, they can be so interesting. May be proud, and may have at least a touch of 'I'm better than you' towards many people. Does try to be kind and fair though, and is certainly social. Enjoys gifts, especially such that helps on learning something or other. Buuut, they better not be bribes. Will always try to talk before fighting, though this also sometimes means being taken a bit by surprise if the opponent is especially aggressive.


Name: Ghaladrenth.
Inspiration: D&D green dragon
Personality: While one of the more belligerent dragons. Certainly sees the value of using ones brain about it too. Intrigue, politics, ......backstabbings, they can all be such useful tools. Good things to study, learn and practice. Fully able to keep aggression and urges to be territorial in check, when it's neccessary. Then attack all on when that's useful. Enjoys forests, and wandering around in them. Has several more or less unknown backup dwellings carefully built and hidden away in various places. Of-course making them as hard to find as possible. So much better to keep treasured homes and other possessions of importance concealed. if it'd have been possible to get away with it, would have done the same with the rider. Tends to back down from fights and run. Then come back some time later and take revenge. Like by stealing things, or smashing up the other dragon's, or rider's, weyr. Has a fascination with mushrooms, and may try to grow them in his/her weyr, or one of the other dwellings. Enjoys patrols, such making it easier to keep track of what's happening out there. Knowing is power. And all the better to aid ambitions that may or may not be harbored. A very smooth talker, sophisticated, all the better to help with the politics and other stuff above.


Name: Revanith.
Inspiration: D&D red dragon.
Personality: Is a rather covetous beasts. Wants things, and a lot of them. Just..there's so much to choose from, and hard to choose between them. So may be working on trying to determine what's THE most important, and start with that. Vain, and determined to look the best possible at all times. Wearing jewelry or other adornements though? Pfft! Looks better than and outshines all such! Has a love for mountains, and for perching on mountain tops and the like. From where one can see for miles and miles. This dragon easily get resentful if not getting what this dragon think it should have. Loves heat. But that has to be the heat of proper fire. Crawling around in sun-heated sand and such, it's just unworthy. Hot springs though, those that get really hot, those might be alright too. Ferocious in fights, and rather vengeful, can hold a grudge for a long time. Clearly is above everyone else, even the rider. May therefore often argue with the rider, even if rarely trying to control him/her. Definitely collects valuable things, treasure, and knows every little thing that is in that hoard. Tends to display everything as tastefully as possible around the weyr. Also keeps track of the value of each thing. Tends to seem to view people as allies, lesser allies, sure. But still allies. Or valuable servants at best, rather than call anyone friends. However, may care more about these people than what's likely to ever be shown.


Name: Sivraith.
Inspiration: D&D silver dragon
Personality: Enjoys the company of others, and is pretty happy to help out people who need it. Even if not maybe running self ragged to try to help everyone in need, save the world, or such. While injustice and cruelty is far from good of-course, sometimes one has to realize that it's not dealt with easily, and will take time to make as rare as possible. Cheerful, friendly, and may at times come through as a kindly old person. Even if that doesn't mean one can't laugh and be silly like someone much younger. Loves mountains, wide open air, and just flying as high as possible. For hours whenever allowed. Likely to want to live in a weyr as far above ground as can be found. Does not really get that some people can have a fear of heights. Works well with others, usually doing better as part of a team, than alone. Still, may get along slightly better with humans, ferali, and therioi, than fellow dragons.


Name: Wahadreth.
Inspiration: D&D white dragon.
Personality: So, while not stupid, may be more cunning and likely to do things on impulse, or due to instinct. Why sit and study, or listen to someone chattering about stuff that's supposedly important to learn... When one can be out there and DO things?! Has a love for winter, snow and ice, the colder the better. Definitely feels its effects even less than other dragons. 'White' knows that many dragons might ignore it as a real threat due to being small and all. So may be aware of this, and shamelessly use it to avoid conflict, while sneaking under their noses to gain stuff. Will be all shrill and angry if confronted about anything. May bite someone on the nose, but only as a distraction to flee out of the danger zone. Likes to hide in water to catch prey. And YES, frozen food is better, will never be convinced of anything else. Not so interested in looking to the future, having foresight, that sort of thing. Likely to poke the rider to do that when needed. Nevertheless, has a very good memory.
Jun 23 2018, 11:34 AM
So, I got permission for this a while ago. And even if I meant for it to be done through rp, I've completely failed at writing descriptions for most of them. Therefore, I'm just making it an adoptable clutch of blank flitters, mostly without descriptions or anything.

What is interesting about these though...

Erranssi went with size-changing shenanigans, and picked a dragon as the sire for her clutch. Sarkith , if that is still ok with Tirya.

The results are mostly flit but 1) the dragon sire ensures that Erranssi's intelligence mutation passes to all of them and 2) they still bond on flit level, but have a dragon-level imperative to bond. They'd still be quaternaries, but they'd need to bond to someone.

I had ideas for inspirations for the clutch, so while I'd prefer that you stuck with those, you don't have to. These firelizards will mostly be up to twice the size of normal firelizards.

With marked exceptions. The below are first come, first serve.

Flitters with inspiration from Avatar(with the firebenders and so on).
1. Reserved by Reakeda.
2. Officer. Goes to Femisis.
3. Soldier. Goes to Sari.
4. Soldier. Goes to Tirya

Flitters with inspiration from Guardians of the Galaxy.
1. Knight.
2. Female officer.
3. Knight. This flitt is the only one coming with a personality. His egg was stolen for a while, then returned, and no-one knows who did it. He's based on Rocket Racoon. I'll use to decide who gets him if more than one person is interested.

His personality: May have been affected in the shell by whatever happened during the time when his egg was missing. At least it's a possible explaination for him having a habit of being sharply sarcastic as well as cynical. Helping people?! What's in it for him anyway? Pfft! Misanthropic. He definitely has a temper problem, and can be easily set off. But why would he want to be any other way? Being trigger happy and violent is fun. Vicious sense of humor, he definitely has that. However, he does have a high amount of pride in being good and proffessional in what work he -wants- to do. Will be irked if it's questioned. Pushed into it though, if it means helping his person or any of the few he considers friends. He can get over his strong sense of self-preservation, and maybe even be heroic if a situation requiring that even comes up. Keenly intelligent, even maybe more so than most dragons and humans. You need a complex plan that'll acctually work thought up in a short time? He might be just the one for it. However, his emotions might at times come in the way of it, all depending. Even if he appears to rather dislike people, he's still undoubtely very attached to his person. Or will be, getting there might not be a instant process. Protective of those he considers 'his people', even if they're a very small group. Genuinely care for them, even if he has a hard time showing it.
Jun 15 2018, 03:54 PM
So, I'll run a third IC Irimakth clutch sometime early next year. And for it I'll need colored images of-course. So since it's better to ask early rather than later!

Whenever any of you feel inspired to color dragons just for fun and don't mean to use them yourself, send them my way?

Dragons who are colorful and has a complex coloration are somewhat prefered, but not a must. Variety is good, after all. If you can use Ness' flying template, or the scaled template I commissioned, that'd be good
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