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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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Jul 26 2018, 08:57 AM

"I get the feeling you’re making fun of me, but that’s okay, if you can’t laugh at yourself you can’t laugh at anything!"

Name: Hihvveyin (Hivvy)
Race: Canine ferali (pit bull)
Age: 23 Turns
Birthdate: Month 2, Day 15, Turn 2245
Gender: Agender nonbinary [They/them]
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: Candidate, Journeyman beastcrafter
Wing: N/A
Location: Plateau weyr

Talent Information: Has control over and ability to produce ice, snow, and frost. If they focus, they can create small snowstorms within a ten meter radius, but without focus they are limited to effects closer to their body. When they lose control of their emotions, they also lose control of their talent. If in extreme distress, their talent may lash out, whipping snow around. If in mild distress, they may accidentally cause frost or ice to appear over a surface they are touching--just for an example. Immune to cold damage/physical effects of cold/snow.
Skill Information: Has learned to pattern shape into a human form. Human form retains pointed teeth, which jut out, but otherwise looks human. Around the same size, physically, with similar features.

-pit bull ferali
-Mess of short black hair
-Short, 5'0", and petite in frame
-Not very physically strong, but has a very strong talent
-Has a bit of a lisp
-Cold still gives them discomfort, so they wear winter clothes around the whole turn, and may just make the air around them colder during the summer, so that they are always prepared to use their talent

-People assume they are very naive, and in a way, they are--they want to believe in the best in people, even if life has shown them otherwise.
-Optimistic, even in the face of things that would make others bitter.
-Can be impressionable because of this, choosing to trust that others are good and have the best intentions in mind, but still can be wary of those who could be dangerous. Doesn't show their wariness, usually, though.
-Acts very lighthearted and warm
-Friendly, charismatic, and a pleasure to have in class
-Believe people are good. Trusts easily, though if they have misgivings, they do trust their instincts, as well. Balance it pretty well, but on the too-trusting side. Willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, as well as a second chance. Not a third, though.
-Doesn't understand why some people have bad intentions, chooses to ignore that when forming their world view. Bad people are the exception, not the rule.
-Inner strength
-Confident, mostly, and self-assured. Able to assert themselves, but remains respectful and optimistic
-Firm, clear
-Believes that they deserve good things, as do all people.
-Doesn't take themselves very seriously. Okay with joking around, being silly. Doesn't mind much if people think they're corny. They are corny.
-Someone's got to be bright and cheerful and remain positive/optimistic about people, so they make themselves be that person.
-Kind, gentle
-Says really silly, corny things.
-Has some self-conscious/anxiety moments, but mostly relatively secure in who they are.
-Merciful, forgiving
-Can lead, but works well as a second-in-command.
-Firm, fair, and just, but doesn't believe in punishing others for the sake of punishment. They will ensure that harmful mistakes aren't repeated, but they will work to prevent it, such as taking away opportunities or resources to do it again, rather than punish someone and hope for the best.

-farm cothold. isolated early life, just family
-raised dogs, but left dogs behind to help family. guard dogs, herding dogs, etc.
-was emotionally abused. but they found their inner strength to be confident in themselves about deserving better, and about being able to take themselves less seriously, and left. had been quick to buy into what their so was saying, but soon learned never to let anyone do that again

-Heyine (father)
-Ihivev (mother)


Preferences: [Link]
PB/Artist: Name (linked)
Jun 17 2018, 04:06 PM
So, I'm doing this all over again, folks. A wanted thread, a plotting thread, a relationships thread. Please don't post until I've gotten all my posts done. I'll edit this out when I'm done. I should have a general looking for post, followed by 3-4 character posts, with relationships. All of this is probably very much a WIP for a while...


Deiraspawn (Show/Hide)
Deira got around.



-They have yet to learn about each other!

Shitfamily (Show/Hide)
Link to thread
Details: Family of terrible people, with distant parents, but the kids are close. Relationships range from fierce loyalty to useful alliance.
-Mother: Kahjei/K'jei
-Father: Enotiss/En'tis
-Enojei, (F/28) hybridrider (full sibling), Sari
-Kahtiss, (M/26) wherhandler (full sibling), Sari
-Jeino (adoptable) (23)
-T'hjei, (GF/22) weyrling (full sibling), Sari
-Kanotis, (M/20) Hybridrider/wherhandler (full sibling), Prissy
-Ghost, dragon of Kehjanti (NPC, half sibling), Grey
-Kaieru, dragonrider (nonsibling), Fem

Available for adoption/creation/getting into our plots:
-Mother, K'jei (soldier rider, frilled shark ferali, weaver)
-Father, En'tiss (human, soldier rider)
-Sibling, Jeino (23 turns)
-Kehjanti: Half-sibling, but a part of the "group" with the same kinship, "rider" of Ghost, 30-32 turns of age
-Any number, within reason, of half siblings who are ignored
-Any number, within reason, of half siblings who are considered rivals

Family History Info
-Parents were dragonriders in a relatively open sexually relationship. As a result, they had a few kids outside of their coupling.
-Both were soldier riders
-Birth order: Enojei, Kahtiss, Jeino, Tiahjei, Kanotis
-Close siblings, especially these five, from childhood. Got into trouble together, lied together, stuck together. Grew up doing the same, but often in a more subtle way.
-Parents were pretty absent, raised by creche, but still stuck with each other despite the lack of structured ties
-Enojei went to travel when she was 16, disappearing
-Kanotis left at 15, which was when Enojei was 23...?
-Others stayed at the weyr
-Basically, Assholes.

Current Plots:

Wher gang (Show/Hide)
Wher gang:
Note: When I planned to make her, Azeask was bonded to an abused, quiet individual, who Azeask took the name for and protected. I think it would be best if Azeask was unbonded, so her name can remain Midnight, or you can find another name for Azeask. Or, you can bond her, I'm not creating her, after all!
A queen wher, Veisk, murdered her handler, for relatively justified reasons, as he was abusing his children. As a result, she was sterilized and culled, because even though justified, murder of a handler in a queen is a worrisome trait. Enraged by this, she fled her hold, taking on a "name" that was an image of a late night, pitch black, with clouds covering many stars, the moon itself being the only visible source of light. To those who required a word-name--well, she resented most humanoids, and only humanoids tended to ask, so she might deny them such, but OTHERWISE--she would go by Midnight. This was five turns ago (2262), and since that time, she has slowly begun gathering other wild whers, with the occasional handler or other creature that felt it did not fit in--just like her.

She is clever, vicious, and rather angry, but she takes care of her own. Often, this includes stealing "owned" livestock, harassing humans in scuffles that often end in violence, and avoiding places where they could get hunted down. They were a lawless group, but cared for their own, and deferred to their cull queen.

There is one queen in the group, and she is a cull queen--though there are likely other breeding females, even if just soldiers. Queen will not allow any other queens, perhaps even ones who, by some whers' reasoning, have more claim to lead than her.

1 queen (cull)
~10 males (king, officer, knight, male soldier)
~5 humanoids
7 breeding females (f officer, f knight, soldier) or less
~15 infertile females
7 scouts or less

total: 40-45 whers

Basically, non-scout males get chased off when there are too many, either by cull queen, to make sure she has only the finest choices, or by more aggressive males who do not want new blood on their turf. Despite being sterilized, the queen is still the leader, and her mate is her second in command. Because she doesn't clutch, she chooses any caste of mate, beyond queen males, as those are NOT allowed here!!! As a result, there are around 10 male whers, give or take, of any caste beyond scout. Scouts, even should they chase, are seen by Lead as lesser and unworthy. Scouts, as a result, rarely stick around unless they require the safety and perks of a group, so there are likely around four, seven at most. At any one time, there are usually around three to seven breeding females, the majority of which being fertile soldiers, though sex mutations are also available. There are about five humanoids allowed in, with the majority of them bonded, but only very specific ones can make it past Lead's careful eye.

1 Lead or Queen: Azeask
1 Lead's Mate, also called mate: Azeask's current mate, second in command, and advisor, much like a weyrleader but bent to her will. There is a lot of competition for this spot, as it comes with power and lots of perks, like the best food, for example. She is mostly heterosexual, but has picked females before.
3-7 Leadsguard: The Leadsguard, composed of fertile female whers called "leadsguards," are the highest ranking below Azeuask and her mate. While they double as creating offspring, their main duty is to guard the clan, as well as their young. Think of them as special or elite forces. Led by the Lead.
6-10 Guards: Lesser fighting whers, still valued for protection. Fighting prowess.
6-10 Hunters: Generally, they either bring back food for the young, or find places that the other whers can do their hunting. They're more information gatherers, finding good hunting spots, but they also hunt more than others, to feed the young of the clan.
6-10 Prowlers: Not scouts in the caste, but scouts in the job. Keep watch, and scout ahead.
~5 Ferali/Humans/Theroi: The non-wher members of the gang.
1-7 Stalkers: These are the actual scouts, caste-wise, and they pretty much are used for their smaller size to steal from humanoids.
Young: not-yet-grown bbies

-Lead, cull queen--current unbonded, rename, etc.
-Lead's Mate?
-Guard Officer Storm
-? Knight Fisk, ? Scout Fiarmesk, ? Officer Fimesk (and Fiarrmerne)

Maybe: Senrill

Dragon Pirates (Show/Hide)
One ship--large and capable of transporting dragons. IF a knight, Enmorath is a small one--they can only transport 3-4 dragons, depending on the sizes of the dragons, and nothing bigger than a normal-sized knight.

Captain: ?????????????????????
First mates/Helmsmen/Navigators: Y'reni and Enmorath (not sure which they're gonna be)
Other assholes:

Lost Boys (Show/Hide)
A group of young holdless kids, who have been together for turns, and are starting to deal with no longer being children. They have no one but each other, and are very close. They are mostly orphans, and if not orphans, they are thought to be. Some were cast out from families, that's another reason.

There may be a blood oath, which may have actual magic, involved with their bond.

The oldest is 22, Nataen. He's the leader, because he's oldest. His parents both died. He is not a crafter, but knows a bit about woodworking. (I have a big ol doc on him)

Other kids include Wasp, who is mine, who is 18. She is the oldest sibling of the 'Bug Kids,' including Spinner and Gnat, who are younger than her. Technically, Spinner and Trundle are the only ones related. Wasp, orphaned at a young age, found two little children, one practically an infant, abandoned in the hold that she was a drudge and streetbrat at. She took them in, cared for them. She was a member of the group, and took them to Naten shortly after finding them. Wasp is prickly, with an inferiority complex. She is paranoid and defensive, thinking everyone is against her, that people despise her, even her friends. Her real name is Danai, but Gnat/Spinner don't know their real names. Wasp uses a wooden cane, made by Nataen, because she has difficulty moving one of her legs, and it pains her to put pressure on it. When her father died, her mother cast her out, because she wasn't able to be as 'productive' in the farm craft, which was the family craft.

Gnat is annoying, small, and runty. He is 11 and just wants to be taken seriously. No one takes him seriously, largely because when he was a little kid he was incredibly annoying, and is still kinda irritating.

Spinner is 14, and a very serious sort.

The Boys:
-Leader: Nataen (Sari)
-Wasp (Sari)
-Gnat (Adoptable)
-Spinner (Adoptable)
-Three to five others
Jun 13 2018, 05:57 PM
God Tier (Show/Hide)
Queenweyrling Eren of Queen Banoreth - Weyrling
-Fire lizards Soldier Mid and Officer Twi
-Fyxi Tan Noiexo

Wingleader Syr of Knight Roraeth and King Syreth - Adult, Weyrling
-Fire lizard Knight Sysky
-Fyxi Gray Meyioxi
-Wyvern Queen Ia'nysree

Journeyman Tanner Nyr'a of Soldier Serowth - Weyrling
-Fyxi Gray Halxi

Trader M'kai of Scout Billith and Soldier-Officer Vidaesh - Weyrling
-Basilisk Opal Yiare
-Tunnelcat Lady

Super Saiyans (Show/Hide)
Journeyman Soldier Karou of King Zaielsoth - Adult
-Fire lizard Officer Claw

Journeyman Smith A'hera of Knight Noraveth - Adult
-Fire lizards Soldier Blood and Knight Ichor
-Fyxi Rust Keretxi
-Wyverns Knight Nail and Queen Tooth
-Runnerbeast Messenger

Journeyman Soldier Eu'mia of Knight Calith - Adult
-Blink cat Molly Eominua-Ma
-Fire lizard Officer Breeze
-Fyxi Rust Eorzxi

Mafia Spy Aezhesh of Soldier Hathaesshjath - Weyrling
-Basilisk Glass Shy
-Wyvern Sub-Queen Ia'zheshae

Mafia Soldier Renn of Scout Flith - Weyrling
-Fire lizard Knight Shards

Mafia Soldier Zaveln of Scout Yaverrseth - Weyrling

Apprentice Healer Ahnethira of Officer Nethiratk - Weyrling
-Barghest Eve
-Blink cats Queen Thiraaneh-Qi, Molly Ethahnria-Ma, Tom Iranatheh-Ta, Kit Nethiaarh-Ky, Mog Arahnthire-Mu

Magical Girls (Show/Hide)
Kingweyrling M'kyre of King Bansheith - Weyrling
-Wyvern Scout Ia'la

Journeyman Glasscrafter T'hjei of Officer Malfith - Weyrling
-Fire lizard Knight Scree
-Fyxi Silver Saxo

Apprentice Soldier Ris of Soldier Kalikath - Weyrling

Journeyman Potter N'viri of Soldier Hialath - Weyrling
-Fire lizards Officer Sathen, Officer Nerias, Knight Visanas, Soldier Vinettise
-Wyvern Knight Ia'rivi

Apprentice Harper Pyre of Soldier Emmaanaernth - Weyrling

Journeyman Harper Enojei of Knight-Queen Neyilush - Adult
-Mohark Precious Opal Emberling
-Wyvern Scout Ia'no

Wherlingmaster Deira of Cull Queen Eirask, Soldier-King Candesk, and Scout Deisk - Wherling, Adult, Adult
-Flitterkits Ghost Verity, Ghost Clarity, Ghost Charity, Ghost Felicity, Ghost Pillow
-Large Feline Envarre
-Hunting wherries Klahgrinds and Tealeaf

Kinghandler Kahtiss of King Kahtisk - Adult

Adept Mage Tsunae of Officer Naesk, Soldier Tsusk, and Scout Tsunask - Adults
-Fire lizards Queen Via, Soldier Evinne, Officer Rain, Knight Wind, Knight Noff
-Fyxi Silver Xerrexi
-Wyverns Knight Ia'nae and Soldier Ia'tsu

Multiwherling Taeki of Soldier-Knight Aekisk and Scout Taesk - Wherlings
-Fyxi Gray Exi
-Fire lizard Scout Beeki
-Canines Kindi and Doobee
-Wherries Miki-diki and Bibidi
-Tunnelsnake Tiki-taki

Wherless Aaonaia of Officer Silence in the Snow - Worgling
May 1 2018, 02:13 PM
[Day 6, Month 6, 2268]

Aezhesh had Impressed. Against all odds, despite who she was...and her dragon seemed immune to the curse. A blessing in disguise, perhaps. Hathaesshjath had plans. Ambitions. Ambitions that Aezhesh, while she didn't share, she didn't exactly object to, either. It was as destined by fate, she supposed.

Perhaps she wasn't meant to travel to the Weyr. She was, after all, a part of the Hale family. However, under the guise of wishing to meet Hathaesshjath's siblings, she'd come.

Why? Why was she here? Her heart raced, so uncharacteristic for her. This was the moment. She'd arrived with Hathaesshjath, unwilling to be separated from her dragon for this potentially life-changing moment. Could Kereriar reverse the curse? If not, she still wanted to meet him, before arranging for his doom. What else could she do? What kind of person was he?

It had been fate, perhaps--a rare burst of luck--that had lead her to note the Impression records of a recent wher clutch. A certain Kereriar had Impressed. As unlikely as it was, she was willing to believe that it wasn't her Kereriar. After all, why would fate bless her, for once? But no, while cautious of what may be another curse hidden in a blessing, she'd looked into it. Rumors that he could 'curse' others...those had spread, if one knew where to look.

And she did.

Turns out, the man was injured in threadfall, so she might as well travel to the infirmary. Aezhesh had no qualms about confronting an injured man. She 'bookmarked' the temporary lodgings she was staying in ahead of time, should she need to return, and Hathaesshjath remained in there, amused by her bonded's plans and methods.

So, she traveled to the infirmary, and if questioned, insisted she was a distant relative of Kereriar. She arrived by his bedside, looking at him with cold, emotionless eyes, despite the constant thumping of her heart. "You must be Kereriar," she said, simply, in a neutral tone.

He's less impressive than I thought he would be, commented Hathaesshjath, watching through her bonded's eyes. He may certainly be one to...remove.

He may be able to help me, she replied, to her dragon. I want to give him that chance, before I act rashly. Perhaps it was some morality still inside her. Some reason to show mercy.
Apr 29 2018, 01:27 PM
-- Setting established (time, place): +10
-- Primary character: +15
-- Characters actively involved (whose speech and actions are focused on for most of the story): +5 each, including bonds. (2)
--Each Scene: +5*
-- accomplishing a personal plot event: +20
- Correct season/weather (if specified/relevant)/other small game-specific details: +10 for whatever details are provided publicly, automatic if no details are provided for that part of the world.
- answering a prompt: +10


[Month 4, Day 3, 2268]

One of your Talented characters, if you have any, has a period of trouble where they struggle to control their Talent; if you have no Talented characters, then choose one character to randomly develop a temporary talent that is uncontrollable while it lasts, then disappears as mysteriously as it arrived.

Using: Fertile Soldier Hybrid (Mutant) Egg

M'kai had been secretly enjoying being at the weyr with the Iron Flowers. Billith could be around his clutchsiblings, which the dragon mildly enjoyed, for whatever reason, and thought it would do M'kai good to be around his fellow weyrlings.

M'kai didn't exactly agree, but now that his actual friends, dear to his heart, as stupidly corny as that sounded, were here...he was much happier to spend time with the weyrling class.

That said, M'kai was in a foul mood.

Therioi weren't supposed to have talents, but suddenly, M'kai had a talent. One that seemed random, frustrating, and annoying. Things just kept...appearing. Everything from someone's old, smelly sock, to a piece of what must have been priceless jewelry, to even a fire lizard egg. He had, naturally, found someone to shove the egg off on, looked for the jewelry's owner, and tossed the sock, but he still had a small pile of random items that had shown up in front of him.

Which was annoying. Now he had to deal with all of these sharding bits of junk, and find their owners, should they be valuable. Billith sat next to M'kai as the young man sorted through some of the amassed 'treasures,' grumbling to himself. A lesser man would keep the valuables for himself, you know, Billith said, teasing slyness slipping into his otherwise amused tone. Could it be that M'kai is actually sweet and caring?

"Shut up. I'm not. I just...why would I want to keep this junk, anyways? Might as well find who it belongs to. Besides, maybe they'll figure it out, and I'm trying to stay out of trouble, right?" M'kai grumbled his excuses, but suddenly, there was a familiar popping sound. M'kai groaned as something appeared in that sharding flash of light, and--

Oh, uh.

That was an egg, wasn't it? And a pretty big egg, too. Definitely not a fire lizard egg, nothing like that. And...did it just twitch a little? Shards...what should he do? Was it a dragon egg? Was the dragon about to go between? M'kai couldn't Impress a dragon, he already had his wonderful Billith...who was just as wonderful as he was annoying. At that moment, he merely watched with amusement. "Billith! What do we do?'s going to go between! Or maybe it's a wher egg? It's kind of small...but too big for a--say something already!"

I don't think it will go between.

"Well, then, if it's a wher egg, will it go wild? Shards, do we have to fight it?" He growled. He didn't want to harm a hatchling, but if his life, Billith's life, if they were at stake...M'kai wasn't thinking clearly, really, as he watched the egg tremble.

Calm down. No one's going to die, not at all. Billith got up from where he was lying, to get a better look at the egg. The scout nudged it with his nose, curious about its sudden appearance. It' Billith recoiled from the egg. He didn't have a burn, but he was shocked by the intense warmth of the egg--nearly scorching. That was all he could say and do before the egg exploded into tiny shards. Billith's hide and scales were thick enough that he wasn't harmed by the miniscule shards, but the 'explosion' gave poor M'kai several minor scratches and scrapes along his skin. Nothing worth worrying about, but he cursed anyways.

Regardless, the pair were covered in egg goo and shards, and for a moment, M'kai grimaced at the state of his everything, before gasping and looking to see what had hatched. Shells...

It was a...hybrid? She was small for a hybrid, even, he could see that now. Her form was dragon-like, but she was small and stocky, save for her wings. She'd be bigger, probably, and certainly sturdier than Billith once both reached adulthood. The hybrid, a soldier-officer chimera, screeched and fanned her wings. M'kai!!!!!!! How dare you! You didn't wait for me?

"I...what?" M'kai shivered as the feeling of Impression hit him. Not nearly as strong as that of Billith, hardly even comparable, but still much stronger than Yiare, or anything like that. And it felt different than Billith, beyond the intensity. In fact, in some ways, this bond was more intense. Not as strong, but her presence shoved its way into his mind, making itself comfortable, crashing in like a tidal wave. There was a strange burning sensation, and for a moment, he fought it, but, there was also the bond. He cared about her. He wouldn't toss her out, but they still butted heads, fighting to see who would bend the other to their will.

Finally, M'kai gave her a final mental push, and the bond calmed into something more manageable. "What...what are you talking about?"

Her name was Vidaesh. His name was Billith. M'kai knew these names more intimately than he knew his own. She'd never said her name--and his dragon had never needed to say his--but he knew them. "Vidaesh," he half-whispered, half-growled. She'd better sharding calm down.

YOU. Vidaesh ignored M'kai, whirling towards Billith. How DARE you take M'kai before I could get him! How dare you be his first bond!

Billith rumbled, amused, despite himself. This little hatchling was trying to antagonize him? Finders keepers. Got here first, he said, more out of amusement than anything else, as Vidaesh screeched in anger again.

"Calm down. You're both mine, okay? So you'd BETTER get alo--SHARDS AND SHELLS! STOP THAT, YOU DEADGLOW!" M'kai shouted at his own bond as Vidaesh snapped her jaws around Billith's leg, angrily.

After a moment of mental pushing, from a suddenly annoyed Billith and an incredibly angry M'kai, she let go. "You're going to have to behave if you want to stay here." The threat was empty--he couldn't make her leave, nor did he want to, but shards, she needed to behave.

Vidaesh hissed, looking from one to the other. She quickly saw that this behavior wouldn't be tolerated, and that M'kai was getting angry with her. Well...if that was the case, if Billith meant sooooo much to M'kai...she supposed Billith could be hers too. Yes...two bonds for her. Maybe that was luck, that she'd gotten here second. Besides...she didn't want to be tied too tightly to M'kai. What if he died, or something? No, this was much better.

I love you both, Vidaesh said, mindvoice suddenly less a screech and more a purr. But YOU both need to learn to behave.


She's trying to keep her dignity, M'kai. Just let her have this. Pretend she's won.

M'kai grumbled. She'd be quite difficult...
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