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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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Jan 20 2017, 01:56 AM
With the ring from the jewelcrafters tucked safely into the inner pocket of his vest, A'ra could wander the Gather freely. However, bow that he had left the stall behind the whole idea seemed ridiculous--there might still be time to rush back and claim that it had been a mistake, that he had changed his mind. Or maybe he should just keep it. M'lona would never know otherwise.

Or you could go find M'lona and your hatchlings as you planned, Micith drawled. It's not like you to overthink things.

I beg to differ. A'ra's free hand went to the pocket where the ring lay. I'm a Harper. It comes with the territory. As soon as he noticed what he was doing, he forced himself to relax, dropping the hand to his side. On his other side he carried a basket of hot sand, in which a number of eggs were nestled. Unlike the ring, this was not an impulsive purchase and it required careful handling, considering that the person from whom he had obtained it seemed vehement that its contents were due to hatch at any moment. The sooner he got it to its intended recipient, the better.

Even in the safe, familiar surroundings of Skullstones' Gather ground, the back of A'ra's neck prickled as he walked. Despite the urge to check (yet again) for anybody he might recognize from Stonefalls, his grin did not flicker, although there was a weariness around the edges of his eyes that had not been there several months before. You are not a very good Harper, as you have said on more than one occasion.

Well I have to live up to the reputation occasionally, don't I? Otherwise they'll kick me out, A'ra replied absently. He scanned the crowd as he went, searching for one particular face amidst the strangers. Gifting hesitations aside, he had spent the past month counting down the days until this Gather and the chance to see M'lona again, and he would not waste any more time he could spend with her.

Ugh. I'd forgotten how maudlin you get. Spotting a flicker of red hair ahead, A'ra lengthened his stride. The tension around the corner of his smile softened, becoming more real. You love me anyway. Aloud, hopeful, he called, "M'lona?"
Nov 24 2016, 01:14 AM
Day 14 of Month 2, midafternoon

In the middle of a quiet afternoon, small purple Soldier appeared from Between with a pop, blinking at the familiar quarters that appeared around her. It had been months since Bee visited the quarters her bondmate shared with M'lona but the firelizard did not forget. She did a quick circle of the room with a happy chitter, then settled onto the desk. Cheeping a greeting to the other firelizards in the room, she squirmed a little bit until she could detach the message tube tied discreetly to her ankle. It thudded to the desk. With one last check around, Bee launched herself back into the air before she blinked Between. She had one more letter to deliver between returning to her Pet.

The letter she left behind was rolled into a tight scroll but when unfurled it would reveal a familiar scrawl.

My dearest M'lona,
I have been counting the days since I saw you last. I would tell you how many but Micith informs me that would be too much the melodramatic Harper, and Faranth only knows I don't want to be a melodramatic Harper. I've already got the Harper part down. So just know that I regret every moment I'm not miss you very much. It is not the same without you. I think even Micith is pining a bit, for you and the boys, although he won't admit it.

I hope you're all doing well. I hate to think of all the moments I'm missing in your lives. Are the boys moving yet? Talking? They must be so big now. Is your weyrling class cooperating with you? How are the firelizards behaving? I have a thousand questions and not nearly enough parchment to ask them on, so I guess this will have to do.

Stonefalls is interesting. I'm beginning to get used to the place--I suppose by now I ought to be. Drills keep us busy but I don't get lost nearly as much as I used to. Still, it is remarkable how confusing all those corridors are and I always seem to end up in the most unlikely of places. It is nothing like Plateau. This transfer has been a learning experience. I don't think the Weyrleader likes me very much, but it's fortunate I don't ride a King. Micith and I are good at keeping our heads down, contrary to popular belief.

If all goes well we might have opportunity to see you all soon. Stay safe.

All my love,

A letter could not convey even half of the aching loss that A'ra felt every time he thought of his family--there was no knowing who might intercept Bee on the way and he dared not say anything incriminating.
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