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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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Jan 27 2018, 09:02 AM
Hey guys.

I've got some drama going down in my virtual life right now and I think it's best if i just not be online for further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. :/ it's not really like i've been around much because grad school, so yeah.

See y'all on the flipside.
Jul 17 2017, 05:52 AM
Ordinarily, the abrupt and unannounced summons from one's dragon filled one with nervousness and worry-- and with Vitae, it was no exception. She'd been dozing, bored, over some wingrosters the weyrling class had been assigned to read as an example of potential wingleadership duties, when Merrivalth's voice had broken through her thoughts, Vitae! Come Quickly! The weyrbowl!! She hadn't registered any specific fear, but it was certainly excited, an energetic warble, and so she was on her feet and running to the bowl in minutes, the fake rosters scattered behind her.

She'd expected to see some kind of drama-in-progress, but what she actually found was.. not nearly that. Well, perhaps drama, but the cute kind of drama.

Either Merrivalth had found puppies or puppies had found him, because the young knight was along the ground, and puppies were crawling all over his forepaws and shoulders and the fronts of his wings. Some were gnawing with their baby puppy teeth, but the dragon's hide was tough enough that he didn't feel it-- nevertheless, he'd gently and theatrically flop in response to the occasional nibble, playing with them in a way that came very naturally to him. Puppies! he announced to his rider, cheerfully. Many puppies!

"Whose are they?" Vitae asked, letting her heart slow down as she approached a bit more slowly, looking at them both curiously and dubiously.

I don't know; I found them out here. I think they may've escaped their kennels.
Jul 17 2017, 05:46 AM
Records-room duty was typically a calm and boring one, but Qayin didn't mind it-- it suited his interests perfectly, because mostly it meant being left alone with nothing but the weyr's repository of written knowledge, and he could go through it at his leisure. There was usually some sort of menial task to be done, but Qayin was suited to these tasks and so they went fairly quickly; sorting and organizing and filing new records, updating crucial lists with information assembled in disorganized memos, reorganizing certain shelves to allow for the inclusion of new information, occasionally helping a rider find something they needed but didn't have time to pull themselves-- that sort of thing.

That's what Qayin was expecting, anyway, when he opened the door of the room-- what he found was something altogether different.

Chaos. Everywhere. Books and papers and everything strewn alongside. Very solid boxes dislodged, their contents scattered. He froze in the doorway. "How..?"

Igrahneth, behind him, raised her head on her neck and blinked into the room. Oh. he said, her purring voice low in dismay, That is upsetting. What do you think happened?
Jul 7 2017, 01:34 PM
OOC Data:
Player's Name:
Character Number:
Quitting instructions:

IC Data:
Name: Loti
Race: Horse ferali
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Pan, leans to women
Rank: wadnering healer

Talented? Y/N: y
Skilled? Y/N:
Talent/Skill Information: Magical healing, but she takes some part of the pain into herself and it's exhausting to her.

Appearance: Bony, thin, sharp-eyed. buckskin-colored, dappled. Reddish-brown hair and tail. Mid-height, 5'7". Tends to wear hair long, pulled back in a bun.

Personality: marked from past, skittish, wary, hard to know, leery of strangers, nervous, jumpy, quiet, can be hard to remember. not very social, slow to get comfortable. hates crowds. willful. stubborn, perseveres. nervous manifests primarily as constant wariness/distrust of people. slow to trust/warm up. layered, barriars to trust. hyper-vigilant. watchdog. rarely relaxes, constant high stress (used to it). Healer by vocation. caring. does not suffer fools. non nonsense. not malicious, blunt, sharp-tongued. Smart, observant, always watching, notices things, quick to make connections, shrewd. studious. logical [partially], tries to temper intuiton with logic; intuitive, does go w/ gut/emotions 70% time, really good at people, empathetic. keenly feels. hides emotion behind warynervousfrowning pokerface. serious. diligent, dedicated, distracted by situations, forgets or forgoes sleep/eat- forgo when upset. mild anhedonia out of sympathy/lack of rest/mental-health-days. not leader; can be one, good in charge when in comfort zone [healing]- doesn't want to deal with people/no inclination to lead. private. needs own space. has a bubble. Doesn't touch, except with massive trust. doesn't like to be touched. posessive of her areas. territorial. deadly loyal to a few. distant/wary to rest. avoids making long term connections. doesn't like to be vulnerable. brave [for certain values of brave], not a coward, good teacher, patient w/ slow learners, not familial, independant, self-reliant, subtle charisma, strangely alluring to some, bitter, doesn't talk about baggage, strong. gentle, nurturing [but likely only animals/dragon likely to feel that.]

History: Grew up a holder, and not happily so. Wanted more to life then being married off and having kids. Also had some pretty sour interactions between self and family. Was searched; family inintially tried to deny her access to the weyr, but she basically ran away in the dead of night to go to the weyr and try her luck. Was left standing for a few turns, Impressed at age 20.
Has been very close to N'tel since Impression, becuase Larr and Sereth are very close, what with his ability canceling out the worst effects of hers. Has been weyrmates with N'tel for the past year.

They do a lot of wandering.

Name: Sereth
Species: dragon
Caste: soldier
Hex Code: #F5F5F5, #e5dada, #e0cccc, #FFF6F6, #f7f8fc, #ccd2e0

Talented? Y/N y
Skill? Y/N N
Talent/Skill information: Sees deaths, saw Loti's death at impression, sees future slightly, sees births around preggo, knows when someone is preggo after 1m. bonding painful- constant painful high-empathy chaos, canceled out by brother. High, high, high empathy.

Appearance: This female is on the midsize scale for a soldier, she is amazingly average sized. she is skinny and lithe. This lovely girl is a pale off white color for most of her hide. Then along her face, hands and tail she has a pale lightish blue color that is extremely pale and is hardly ever seen, you need to be in the right light to see it. She carries herself with a regal bearing but she is also sure of her walk not nervous or scared at all.

Personality: Quietly confident, exudes confidence, doesn't show off, never falters on decision, quiet, protective, solace in twin, defends rider only with words, deliberates on all decisions. slow to come to decisions, patient, wise, never rushes, makes sure of choices. Diligent, pays attention to detail. painstaking. hard worker. prefers to be alone [thanks to calcium baggage]. hates feeling accompanying death. alone-time is precious. dislikes large crowds, fears them— death happens/she can see the deaths of people. never goes anywhere w/out brother. needs nearness to Loti in gather. needy, esp in crowd. Small group she's okay with(brother, rider, wingmates); avoids most others. Serene, calm.
Jul 7 2017, 07:00 AM
OOC Data:
Player's Name:
Character Number:
Quitting instructions:

IC Data:
Name: Vie
Race: Horse Ferali
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: trader

Talented? Y/N: Y
Skilled? Y/N: N
Talent/Skill Information: Can grow chunks of stone on his body, whcih is usually an annoyance. They can be dug out, somewhat painfully.

He fully muscled, like a horse ferali derived from a heavy draft. no feathering on his legs, but some litral feathering on his crest like his mum's, but pale. His eyes are green, and his hair he tends to keep naturally long and has a bit of a wave to it.
[dohtml]<img src= width=500>[/dohtml]

Personality: Brave, brash, sometimes reckless, impatient, strong, emotional, sensitive, passionate, energetic, reactive, clever. Will be very tricky and adaptive, especially into adulthood. Curious. Forward. Blunt. Generally happy. Extremely, extremely, extremely loyal. Selfless. Self-sacrificing. Bright. Enthusiastic. Automatically generous. Defensive and protective of loved ones. slightly possessive. Affectionate. Loving. Believes that love given is love grown. Active. Given to acting and then thinking-- something that will actively have to be countered. Proud. Ambitious. Community-oriented. Nurturing. Physical. Enjoys sparring. Doesn't like strife or violence but will indulge in it when necessary. Likes attention. Fierce, Relentless, Tenacious. Has a temper, works very hard to control it. Easily frustrated, not easily defeated. Deeply moralistic.

History: Born into a trading family and traveling with a caravan composed of that family and a bunch of other families; currently acts as guard and scout for the caravan, riding ahead or alongside to make sure the roads are clear and repel potential enemies.
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