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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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 IC Threadfall #2
 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 04:22 PM

Group: Admin
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Joined: 26-September 16
Age: 28
Pronouns: She/her

Ok so this is a second IC Threadfall, same as before but I'll be a bit less strict on the RNG rolls. On that note please put your comfort levels as always and I will be working on getting my guys into this post but assume unless they're a Wingleader or I specifically say what they're doing they're doing their duties/getting ready for 'Fall.

Wing Listing
Injury Listing

Location: Lake Hold, All Weyrlings not old enough to between are still at the weyr bagging firestone. Some candidates may be at the Hold manning Flamethrowers to catch missed clumps along with Lake Hold's ground crew.

Stolen Clutch; Flying Replishments
Gemstone Clutch; Flying Replishments
Zoids Clutch; Flying Replishments
Deities Clutch; Flying Replishments
Avikith NPC Clutch; Flying Replishments
Ayoath NPC Clutch; Flying Replishments
Constellations Clutch; Flying Replishments
Fevsevisath NPC Clutch; Flying Replishments
Gundam Clutch; Bagging Firestone, Helping Candidates as needed
Bagging Firestone
Helping with Healers (rolling bandages, running errands; generally being go fors)
Flying Replishsments.
Helping with firestone/healers if unable to fly

Injury Numbers
Prissy - 18 Default
Reakeda - 20
Caro -
Grey - 19
Tirya - 7 default, 5 default for head injuries. Higher-than-default marked in-post where applicable.
Sari - 16
Dove -
Fem -
 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 04:23 PM

Group: Admin
Posts: 0
Joined: 26-September 16
Age: 28
Pronouns: She/her

Month 4 Day 25 Turn 2268

T'ana of Officer Ialaronth - Flying in Dauntless Wing
M'lona of Officer Relienyeth - Flying in Fleet Wing
C'syn of Officer [F] Ayoath - Flying in Fleet Wing
L'on of Officer [F] Fesevisath - Flying in Dauntless Wing
V'ra of Knight Rilth - Flying Quicksilver Wing
Tyserona of Soldier Miyath - Flying in Slipstream
L'nac of Soldier [H] Xenath - Flying in Slipstream
J'kosian of Soldier Harkneth - Leading Slipstream; incredibly nervous about the change over due to his own injuries last time but ready to do his duty
L'kor of Scout Lorith - Flying in Sweep Wing
Jeanal of Officer [F] Ceriath - Flying in Sweep Wing
R'keal of Knight Simaroath - Flying in Quicksilver; will be helping the healers after change over
R'shar of Soldier Piezoeth - Bagging Firestone, he refuses to Fly fall after the last one
T'dalos of Soldier Eukoriath - Flying Replishments
Is'a of Soldier Natriuth - Flying Replishments
J'sant of King Ayrothith - Flying Replishments
To'mirr of Officer Vanlith - Flying Replishments
Markinus of Knight Werodanth - Flying Replishments
K'osa of Knight Slith - Flying Replishments
Fa'kim of Knight Quetreth Bagging Firestone
Takin of King Takinsk Soldier Task Officer Takisk - Ready to help Clean up
Iralana of Knight Iralask - Helping healers
Mikathren of Officer Mikathresk - Read to help Ground crew
Rekal of Soldier Rekask - Helping healers
Charley of Queen Aly and King Trouble - Bagging Firestone
Balinon of Officer-Soldier Balinosk - Bagging Firestone/Helping Run errands
Kohaku - Helping Healers
Hisashi - Bagging Firestone
Kaede - Helping Healers
Akemi - Helping Healers
Arisenara - Helping Healers
Caxinera - Helping Healers
Maril of Silverwing Tsarvisse - Helping Ground Crew
Fr'chimith of Officer Chimish - Ground Crew (he's actually trying to help this time)
Kanotis of Queen Kanvelintish and Officer Kanotisk - Flying in Sweep Wing on Kanvenlintish
Zarani of Cull Queen Zaranisk, King Zaransk, Officer Zarask, Knight Zarsk, Soldier Zask, Soldier Sunsk, Scout Flowersk - Helping Ground Crew
Yorikal of King Yorikask, Knight Yorisk, Soldier Yorsk, Female Knight Irask, Officer Risk, Cull Queen Drask - Helping Ground Crew
 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 04:59 PM

Advanced Member
Group: Members
Posts: 582
Joined: 3-October 16
Age: N/A

OOC; A placeholder post for me too, don't think I can brain a post today. But, still listing any of my lot who'll be in reach of the Fall.

Injury up to 19 as default for all.

- Berjehn and officer Keroth; will be with the Healers.
- Csianraa and king Irimakth; visiting and flying with which ever Wing they're assigned to.
- Yanarrin and knight Shirazoth; probably bagging firestone, or helpingthe Healers, since Yanarrin recently Impressed Yanask.
- Erranssi; flying with a fighting Wing.
- Mjreanir and soldier Quarevth; Flying Replishments
- Sevan and knight Straith; Flying Replishments
- Zht and king Lorikath; bagging firestone.
- Burn and soldier Zakuarath; not sure(weyrlings).
- Wyrhta and Kinalsk, & unknown wherlet; probably in hiding in the Archive.
- Ssevvanene; helping the ground crews.
- Om; keeping an eye on those who are bagging firestone(he's a tortoise, he has no hands!)
- Saoin; n/a until I know what happens in the Hatching.
- Kereriar and (cull) queen Kerersk & unknown wherlet; Kerersk may have convinced him that they ought to help with the firestone bagging(requesting a high risk of severe injury for the old idiot >) ).

 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 05:31 PM

Advanced Member
Group: Members
Posts: 670
Joined: 26-September 16
Age: 25
Pronouns: They/them

((Character injuries--16, unless specified otherwise. Renn, Pyre, Melakyre, Erenyo, and M'kai won't be here. Statuses below. Editing this with new characters being added.

-Ahnethira, Nethiratk - ?
-A'hera, Noraveth - ?
-Tsunae, Tsunask, Tsusk, Naesk - Ground crew
-Karou, Zaielsoth - Flash wing
-Syr, Roraeth, Syreth - Quicksilver - Wingleader
-Eu'mia, Calith (17) - Gemstone weyrling, flying replenishments
-Nyr'a, Serowth (17) - Zoids weyrling, flying replenishments
-N'viri, Hialath (18) - Avikith NPC clutch, bagging firestone/helping candidates
-Eletsoria, Eletsosk (19) - Helping healers/healing
-K'ye, Ezimoth (18) - Flash wing, wingsecond
-Candeira, Candesk, Deisk, Eirask - Helping with healers
-Kahtiss, Kahtisk (18) - Ground crew - too injured
-Enojei, Neyilush - ??
-Taeki, Taesk, Aekisk - bagging firestone
-T'hjei, Malfith - Bagging firestone
-Ta'ji and Eveith (20, let rng decide her fate) - Quicksilver, firsties - fighting for her life
-Ari, Glauth (18) - Fleet, first threadfall
-Mariss, Skelaith (17) - Dauntless; Zoids - flying replenishments
-Ris, Kalikath (17) - Fleet; Deities - flying replenishments
-F'dae, Azyth (19. RUIN HER FACE IF I GET A PREF) - Constellations, bagging firestone]
-Aaonaia, Aaonask (20, again, rng go) - ground crew
-Jerahr, Jerahsk, Jesk, Rask (19 but probably n/a) - Helping with healers))

 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 11:31 PM

Advanced Member
Group: Members
Posts: 291
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Age: N/A

(Defaults for me are 20 with the ability to decide to take a lesser injury for any given character. I am posting character names and positions for now. I will try to update with IC posts soon.)
Fleet Wing

Mi'an of Officer Carcharoth

Having escaped the worst of the injuries in all of their previous falls, Mi'an and Carcharoth were confident, if not overly so. After all, they'd taken some more minor injuries still. You risk that in battle. Stay alert this time and we will be fine. Carcharoth pointed out at as Mi'an adjusted and checked over their straps. He'd since replaced his riding jacket. This one was of thicker wher hide and would stand up better if a little thread did happen to land on him, but they would do their best to avoid that. He tangled his hand Carcharoth's fur in a rare affectionate gesture and then climbed to his place. "Join the wing, Roth. There is work to be done and no time to dwell on what-if's." He patted Carcharoth's neck and then they were off.

Y'zhi of Knight Verideth - Weyrling Replenisher

Y'zhi's fingers trembled as she checked over and adjusted Verideth's straps. She wasn't sure if it was the adrenaline already starting to flood her veins, the need for the rush that came with the danger in fighting thread, or if it was fear of what had happened their first fall. It could have been Verideth and he could have been dead instead of unconscious as she was. Her recklessness when she was younger had cost her dearest friend their life and she didn't think she could bear for the same consequence to fall on Verideth.

You aren't being reckless. You aren't chasing a high. You are doing your duty and we will be safe. We have not been injured in later falls. The dragon assured her, butting his head gently against her shoulder, careful not to knock her over.

"Is that not what we were doing that time." Y'zhi asked, her head cocking to one side with the question.

Well, it is, but you allowed yourself to be distracted by the very thoughts you are spiraling into now. If you put the thoughts aside and thinking of nothing but where the thread is around us and passing your firestone bag to the person who needs it, then we will be fine.

"Some of the others who were injured are sitting out because of the mental trauma caused by such severe injuries in the fall. Are you so sure we shouldn't have?"

If you sit out this fall, what happens when the next comes? And the one after? Will we forever shirk out duty because you've suddenly become afraid?

Y'zhi fell silent. She knew he was right and she had no arguments that made his statements less true. They'd been over these same arguments every fall since she'd recovered enough to fly again. In that silence, she finished readying them and then climbed to her spot on his neck and gave the signal for him to join their wing.

Sweep Wing

Nalini of Queen Indilth

Indilth stretched and flexed her wing. She had done all the required therapy and had the mages look it over. She'd been cleared to fly thread, but it still didn't feel quite normal. Mithalria had told her to give it time, but accept that it might never feel normal. No matter. It was time to lead her Weyr against thread. They will be safe in the creche. It is time, Nalini.

"I am more concerned about them losing one or both of their parents to this." Nalini respond, her tail twitching in response to her worry.

We will come home and so will their father. Trogath will not let anything happen to His. We have done what we can to make the Weyr more ready and it seems to be working if subsequent falls are anything to judge by.

Nalini nodded, but her tail still moved. "Let us get this show moving then..." She said, giving one last tug on Indilth's straps..

K'rita of King Iliarth
Not that she had admitted it to anyone, but K'rita's fear of flying had only gotten worse over time. It seemed like very time she convinced herself to fly for more than a few minutes the end result was a trip to the infirmary and a new scar and more pain. One would think, given her talent and the way she used it, she would be used to pain, but there was a big difference between taking on someone else's pain willingly and being slapped with your own with no choice given. She could handle one. The other she would rather not.. She checked over Iliarth's straps again and again. They were secure. She knew they were, but doing this gave her an excuse to delay the inevitable.

You can station with the Healers. I can ambulance injured dragons in..

"That is not where we are needed at the start. We will join the healers when and where we are needed." K'rita said biting back on her fear and taking her place. "We are ready."

Firestone Relay Weyrlings
Alior of Knight Buracheth

Y'kima of Soldier Azlith
Head Dragon Healer Mithalria
Tiske of Royal Worg Iced River and Knight Hybrid Tisth
Er'shan will also be available as needed through out the fall in healer capacity. Kimperurth is trained in ambulancing both dragons and humans.

Slip Stream - To be posted only in latter half of fall
Ar’tes of Male Soldier Dhaviegth - Weyrling Replenisher
Er'shan of Knight Kimperurth - Weyrling Replenisher/Healer

 Posted: Jan 23 2018, 12:34 PM

Advanced Member
Group: Members
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Age: 26
Pronouns: she/her

((Default Injury up to 14 except where noted

Another placeholder, will edit post later with Ty'dan at least))

Riders - Default 14
Ty'dan and Officer Giyith | Wingsecond | Fleet Wing
C'val and Soldier Vesanyth | Fleet Wing
A'ra and Knight Micith | Quicksilver Wing
D'ny and Solider Almatianth | Quicksilver Wing
Tiye and Knight Leth | Slipstream Wing - not active until latter part of fall

Weyrlings - Default 7
Vaeryl and Soldier Iaitaith | Dauntless Wing | Zoids Clutch (firestone relay)
Zandair and Soldier Firrimekhth | Quicksilver Wing | Deities Clutch (firestone relay)
Kess and Soldier Auranath | Slipstream Wing | Gemstone - not active until later in Fall
F'nyr and King Emuntaith | Flash Wing | Gemstone
M'rae and Officer Toronith | Flash Wing | Gemstone

 Posted: Jan 24 2018, 10:55 AM

Advanced Member
Group: Members
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Master Healer Berjehn and officer Keroth

"Thank you." Nodding to Keroth as she put the small net with boxes full of vials of fellis and other things the Healers might need. Berjehn took a look around, checking on that the apprentices and other helpers were doing as they should.

Everything is on track, said, no doubt after checking with the dragons and other Bonds of the other full Healers. And we're no longer short on fabric for bandages or antiseptics. Serrianth and V'len went and got it from the healer Hall. And the apprentices sorted it, so it's ready.

"Good," Berjehn said, glancing up at the dark colored officer as she moved past him, studying the fighting Wings readying themselves for a moment. Then he gestured to her, "help with getting this where it should be?"

Crouching down, slowly to minimize any protests from his leg. He started to take the boxes out of the net, and stacking them according to their color codes.

Hopefully this Fall wouldn't be as bad as some they'd seen, but ntil he knew, he was going to be carefully pessemistic.

Keroth snorted lightly.



Since the acctual Fall was going to be mostly spent on the ground, just flying if she was needed around any of the Ground teams spread out around the area where the Fall would pass over. Ssevvanene took a very few minutes to fly off some nervous energy. Flying on at speed, and also doing some acrobatic maneouvers. Though she also paused a few times to hover over areas that might be tricky if any thread burrows happened there.

Pondering a few ideas for how to solve it if that happened, she also decided that if the worst happened, there were plenty of skillfull people to call on after all. So of-course she also sent out a few words to the ground crews to let her know if any had trouble.

So after a while, she turned back, returning to one of the larger groups that were waiting by one of the more vulnerable areas. Chirping a greeting to them as she landed.


Csianraa and king Irimakth

So we're here. What might your wishes be for us to do today? Diving down at a rather speedy pace, Irimakth spread her wings and angled herself to slow her speed enough to make a landing that might be more somewhat impressive, than involving crashing. Eyes whirling, but otherwise she had a rather good poker face for a dragon as she took at look at those in the Wing they'd been asked to join.

On her neck, Csianraa lifted a hand in greeting, and he grinned. "Don't mind me, I'm probably just along for the ride."


 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 05:53 PM

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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Argent of Hinmoroth- Ground Crew
C'rihon of Benihimeth- Slipstream Wing
Kaieru of Baeruth- Flash Wing
Kamui of Minervath- Sweep Wing
Karaze of Karazesk, Karsk, Razesk, and Karask- Ground Crew
Kaze of Trogath- Flash Wing Leader
Nakura of Hatsamoth- Flying Replenishment
Soran of Qan[T]th- Bagging Firestone
S'rai of Ligeroth- Flash Wing
Yurio of Polanith- Flying Replenihsment
Y'sei of Suzumureth- Bagging Firestone

Injury number of 14 for everyone

 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 05:53 PM

King of Applesauce and Resident Codebeast
Group: Admin
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Location: Lurking where you least expect it
Pronouns: They/them

[[doing the list thing because what is muse.]]

Injuries are 7 default, 5 default for head injuries, except where marked.

Dauntless Wing

M'kor of Officer Morgoth - Wingleader

Nysaki of Officer Mecuazuth - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Airris of Soldier Raytanyth - Weyrling, flying firestone refill [Injuries can be rolled up to 19 for the sake of interesting posts, but will be negated by Raytanyth's shield.]

Fleet Wing

S'ran of King Urukath - Wingleader [Injuries can be rolled up to 12 - there's a strong possibility of Urukath being able to negate the threat by betweening it away, which I may or may not choose to use]

B'rene of Soldier [M] Hesaeith - Wingrider [injury up to 12 ok]

Jinasa of Soldier Ignith - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Quicksilver Wing - first half of Fall

Linnica of Soldier Kimuth - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Alcarien of Knight [F] Tiaalmath - Weyrling, flying firestone refill [injuries can be rolled up to 10; Alcarien can negate them by going intangible.]

Slipstream Wing - second half of Fall

Z'ros of Soldier Preleth - Wingsecond

S'rali of Soldier Xavalinth - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Flash Wing

Alberon of King Sulith - Wingrider

Suri of Officer [F] Nyneoth - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Sweep Wing [Injury max 5 for Sweep riders - lower risk and I only have so much suspension of disbelief]

C'raia of Knight [F] Lenath - Wingrider

Emiya of Knight Sarkith - Wingrider

Rhavan of Knight Tarivarsherath - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Nairo of Soldier Hybrid Besyanth - Weyrling, flying firestone refill
(Melath is off with the ground crew helping there, because Besyanth needs the practice more and is far more enthusiastic about fighting in general.)

Telai of Queen Hybrid Elaizesh - Weyrling, flying firestone refill

Ground Crew

Kias of King Kiask, Knight Kask, Soldier Kisk - general ground crew

A'shan of Knight Enarith - picking up anyone who needs to crashland in a body of water/emergency triage-type first aid

Akori of Scout Xiaoth - gofering for the healers

Scout Melath - helping coordinate/carry things because Nairo is flying with Besyanth right now. (I'd like to have him basically be an ambulance dispatch coordinator - basically he'd notice when someone gets seriously hurt and send in a flying ambulance/alert the healers of the nature of an incoming injury as appropriate. Feel free to take advantage of this when receiving injuries.)

Alberon and Sulith | S'ran and Urukath | M'kor and Morgoth | C'raia and Lenath | Emiya and Sarkith | B'rene and Hesaeith | Z'ros and Preleth
Q'jaali and Murasamath | Nysaki and Mecuazuth | Suri and Nyneoth | Rhavan and Tarivarsherath | Alcarien and Tiaalmath | Jinasa and Ignith
Linnica and Kimuth | Airris and Raytanyth | S'rali and Xavalinth | Akori and Xiaoth | F'leren and Mihaith | J'thani and Nenieth | Essii and Rhalasiisth
Kanchu, Kansk, Husk, and Emsk | Kias, Kiask, Kask, and Kisk | Shiarynri, Shiarysk, and Rynsk | Alisirra, Lisi, and Alisk | Tessen
Lyseron and Twilight-on-ocean-waves | Kasiri and Sunset-on-the-lake | Telai and Elaizesh | Nairo, Melath, and Besyanth
A'shan and Enarith | Masa

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

user posted image
 Posted: Jan 30 2018, 10:41 PM

Group: Admin
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Age: 28
Pronouns: She/her

Injuries for Round 1
Rider Injury before the | and bonded after the |
T'ana of Officer Ialaronth (14) - injured 6 Right side of head | injured 11 Right fore leg
M'lona of Officer Relienyeth (14) - injured 6 Left arm | no injury
C'syn of Officer [F] Ayoath - injured 12 right side of head | no injury
L'on of Officer [F] Fesevisath - injured 8 Right side of head | no injury
V'ra of Knight Rilth - injured 19 Left arm | no injury
Tyserona of Soldier Miyath (14) - No injury
L'nac of Soldier [H] Xenath - No injury
J'kosian of Soldier Harkneth (14) - No injury

L'kor of Scout Lorith - no injury| injured 20 Right side of chest
Flying fall was always dangerous but not usually so for Scouts, as L'kor was going to move away from one clump another was missed by higher wings. That meant it fell onto her area, she was not expecting it and it was moments before she realized that thread had burned through Lorith's straps and into her chest straight to her heart. L'kor let out a gut wrenching cry of pain and grief as she watched her beloved pale dragon wink between without her. She was falling free until another rider who had taken minor injures caught her, it was Jeanal of Officer Ceriath who was headed down anyway to help with the healers. She took the now riderless dragon down and set her next to the healers, she stared dazed as she looked at the healers around her. "Lorith." She whispered in her agony unable to comprehend anything else.

Jeanal of Officer [F] Ceriath (14) - injured 3 Left side of chest | injured 5 Right side of head

R'keal of Knight Simaroath - no injury | injured 20 left side of chest
R'keal and Simaroathhad only flown one other 'Fall and it had not gone well for either of them and this time was going to be no different though neither of the pair knew quite how badly it was going to end. R'keal was flying well enough until he saw Simaroath almost in a way that he didn't expect get a chest full of Thread and he heard his dragon's gut wrenching scream. It was filled with pain as Simaroath bit through his own straps to allow his rider to survive. Live for me. Live and be a healer. The dragon told his rider as another one of the ambulance dragons grabbed R'keal as he fell free from his straps, his eyes were glassed over and he didn't look as he knew Simaroath was gone now. He didn't make a sound as the healers set the uninjured rider down.

R'shar of Soldier Piezoeth (14) - no injury | injured 11 Left fore leg
T'dalos of Soldier Eukoriath - injured 8 Left side of chest | injured 17 Right fore leg
Is'a of Soldier Natriuth - injured 10 Right arm | injured 5 right foreleg
J'sant of King Ayrothith (14) - injured 13 Left leg | no injury
To'mirr of Officer Vanlith - injured 10 Left leg | no injury
Markinus of Knight Werodanth - no injury | no injury
K'osa of Knight Slith - injured 3 Left side of chest | no injury
Fa'kim of Knight Quetreth (14) - injured 8 Left side of head | no injury
Takin of King Takinsk Soldier Task Officer Takisk - no injury | no injury| injured 5 Right fore leg | injured 5 Left side of chest
Iralana of Knight Iralask (14) - No injury
Mikathren of Officer Mikathresk - No injury
Rekal of Soldier Rekask - no injury | injured 14 left rear leg
Charley of Queen Aly and King Trouble - injured 9 Left side of chest | injured 6 Right side of head | no injury
Balinon of Officer-Soldier Balinosk - no injury| injured 13 Right side of head
Kohaku - no injury
Hisashi - no injury
Kaede - no injury
Akemi - no injury
Arisenara - no injury
Caxinera (14) - no injury
Maril of Silverwing Tsarvisse - injured 5 Left side of head | no injury
Fr'chimith of Officer Chimish (14) - no injury| no injury
Kanotis of Queen Kanvelintish and Officer Kanotisk (14) - injured 10 Left side of chest | injured 9 Left side of head | injured 5 right fore leg
Zarani of Cull Queen Zaranisk, King Zaransk, Officer Zarask, Knight Zarsk, Soldier Zask, Soldier Sunsk, Scout Flowersk - no injury | no injury| injured 12 Left side of chest | injured 10 Left side of chest | injured 3 Right side of chest | no injury| no injury | injured 3 Right rear leg
Yorikal of King Yorikask, Knight Yorisk, Soldier Yorsk, Female Knight Irask, Officer Risk, Cull Queen Drask - injured 12 Left arm | no injury | no injury | injured 7 left fore leg | no injury

Berjehn and Keroth - no injury
Csianraa and Irimakth - no injury
Yanarrin and Shirazoth - no injury
Erranssi - no injury
Mjreanir and Quarevth - injured; 2 chest | injured; 12 left fore arm
Sevan and Straith - injured; 10 right leg | injured; 9 Right rear leg
Zht and Lorikath - no injury
Burn and Zakuarath - no injury
Wyrhta and Kinalsk & wher - no injury
Ssevvanene - no injury
Om - no injury
Saoin - no injury
Kereriar and Queen Kerersk & Wher - Injured; 3 right arm | no injury | injured; 2 Left Fore Arm

Tsunae, Tsunask, Tsusk, Naesk - no injury
Karou, Zaielsoth - injured; 1 chest | injured; 4 left fore leg
Syr, Roraeth, Syreth - injured; 2 Right Arm | no injury
Eu'mia, Calith (17) - no injury | no injury
Nyr'a, Serowth (17) - injured; 5 Right Leg | no injury
N'viri, Hialath (18) - no injury
Eletsoria, Eletsosk (19) - injured; 11 Head | injured; 3 Left Arm
K'ye, Ezimoth (18) - no injury | no injury
Candeira - injured; 2 Right Arm
Kahtiss, Kahtisk (18) - injured; 6 Chest | injured; 18 Right Rear Leg
Enojei, Neyilush - no injury
Taeki, Taesk, Aekisk - no injury
T'hjei, Malfith - no injury

Not going to post with unless as a post-injury post (say that 3 times fast!)
Ta'ji and Eveith (20, let rng decide her fate) - injured; 19 Left Arm | no injury
Ari, Glauth (18) - no injury | no injury
Mariss, Skelaith (17) - no injury | no injury
Ris, Kalikath (17) - injured; 13 Right Arm | no injury
F'dae, Azyth (19. RUIN HER FACE IF I GET A PREF) - no injury | no injury
Aaonaia, Aaonask (20, again, rng go) - no injury
Jerahr, Jerahsk, Jesk, Rask (19 but probably n/a) - no injury

Mian and Carcharoth - injured; 1 Chest | injured; 2 Right Forearm
Y'zhi and Verideth - injured; 8 Left Leg | no injury
Nalini and Indilth - injured; 10 Left Arm | no injury
Alior and Buracheth - injured; 20 Head| injured; 7 Chest
Ircai - no injury | injured; 2 Right arm
Verren - injured; 1 Chest
Y'kima and Azlith - no injury | injured; 19 Chest
Mithalria - no injury
Tiske and Iced River & Tisth - no injury
Er'shan and Kimperurth - no injury
Ar'tes and Dhaviegth - no injury

Ty'dan and Officer Giyith - no injury | injured 12 left rear leg
C'val and Soldier Vesanyth - no injury | injured 4 Right Leg
A'ra and Knight Micith - no injury | injured 6 Left side Head
D'ny and Solider Almatianth - no injury | injured 6 Left Forearm
Tiye and Knight Leth - No injury
Vaeryl and Soldier Iaitaith - injured 4 Left Side of Chest | injured 6 Left Rear Leg
Zandair and Soldier Firrimekhth - injured 2 Left side of chest | injured 4 Right side Head
Kess and Soldier Auranath - no injury
F'nyr and King Emuntaith - injured 6 Left arm | no injury
M'rae and Officer Toronith - no injury | injured 1 Left Fore leg

Argent of Hinmoroth- no injury
C'rihon of Benihimeth- no injury
Kaieru of Baeruth- injured; 8 Right Leg | no injury
Kamui of Minervath- no injury | injured; 3 Right side of head
Karaze of Karazesk, Karsk, Razesk, and Karask- no injury | no injury | no injury | no injury | no injury
Kaze of Trogath- injured; 11 Right side of head | injured; 10 Right Fore leg
Nakura of Hatsamoth- no injury | no injury
Soran of Qan[T]th- no injury | no injury
S'rai of Ligeroth- injured; 13 Left Leg | injured; 8 Right Forearm
Yurio of Polanith- no injury | no injury
Y'sei of Suzumureth- no injury | no injury

M'kor and Morgoth - no injury | injured; 4 Left Fore leg
Nysaki and Mecuazuth - injured; 1 Left side of chest | no injury
Airris and Raytanyth (19) - injured; 1 Right Arm | no injury
S'ran and Urukath (12) - injured; 4 Right side of chest | no injury
B'rene and Hesaeith (12) - injured; 8 Right side of head | injured; 2 Right side of chest
Jinasa and Ignith - no injury | no injury
Linnica and Kimuth - no injury | no injury
Alcarien and Tiaalmath (10) - no injury | no injury
Z'ros and Preleth - no injury | no injury
S'rali and Xavalinth - no injury | no injury
Alberon and Sulith - no injury | injured; 2 Left side of head
Suri and Nyneoth - injured; 4 Right side fo head | injured; 4 right side of head
C'raia and Lenath - injured; 1 Right arm | injured; 5 Left Fore leg
Emiya and Sarkith - injured; 1 Right Side of chest | injured; 2 Left side of head
Nairo and Besyanyth - no injury | no injury
Telai and Elaizesh - injured; 1 Right side of head | injured; 4 Left fore leg
Kias & Kiask, Kask, Kisk - injured; 2 Left side of head | no injury | no injury | no injury
A'shan and Enarith - injured; 1 Right side of head | injured; 3 Right side of head
Akori and Xiaoth - injured; 4 Left leg | injured; 2 Left fore leg
Melath - no injury
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Not posted ICly:
Ircai - injured; 2 Right arm
Verren - injured; 1 Chest

Mi'an and Carcharoth - injured; 1 Chest | injured; 2 Right Forearm
Mi'an and Carcharoth were having a really good run at first. Perhaps this made them a little over confident. They were nearly hit by a clump of thread. Carcharoth, which not completely escaping without injury, was able to quickly dodge out of its path. The movement, however, was so quick it threw Mi'an against him, giving a minor bruise. The little bit of thread 'Roth hadn't completely dodged only grazed his arm and he blinked between to ensure none had stuck.

Nalini- injured; 10 Left Arm
"Look out below!" A weyrling called a little bit late as the bag they'd been passing to the rider they were replenishing tore. It was just enough warning for Nalini to throw her arm up and protect her head from the stone that hit before Indilth leaped between, to come out safely to the side of the falling stone. Unfortunately, the stone that hit her had enough momentum to leave some nasty gashes that would need some healer attention. Indilth immediately let her 'second know they were going to the healers and took her there to get patched up.

"Quickly," Nalini said, gesturing a journeyman over. Her injury was severe enough to warrant pulling a healer away from the more severely wounded. "Get this patched so I can return to my wing."

"You really shouldn't, Weyrwoman. You've lost blood quickly and flying with a stitched up arm can be tricky in the best of situations." the journeyman replied as they set about first numbing and then stitching the gashes.

"Of course I have to return to the Wing.. " Nalini started

You'll do no such thing. Were you not just worrying about not being able to return to your children. I refuse to take you back out there against a healer's advice. If you must help, calm the injured so the healer can work on them. There's much less risk in staying here and using your talents. I will help guide injured dragons in. Indilth stated, ending any arguments Nalini might have given before she could even form them.

Y'zhi and Verideth - injured; 8 Left Leg | no injury
Y'zhi had stopped shaking the moment the battle had begun. In the face of the adrenaline coursing through her veins, her worries and nervousness had all faded quickly to the background. This was where she was meant to be, what she was meant to be doing. She almost didn't notice as the wind shifted a patch of thread was shifted enough to partially miss a dragon's flame. Those that didn't get burned were blown straight onto her leg. She hissed in pain as Verideth took them between to kill the thread. He took her straight to the healer, perhaps still partly shaken from her last threadfall injury.

She could feel her talent kicking in even as the journeyman started closing the wound. It was slow process even with her talent speeding it up though. With it being a leg wound, she wouldn't be able to return to duty. She glared at the wound. "A smaller one would heal instantly almost.." She grumbled willing it to knit itself together. Then something strange happened. Her talent seemed to draw more energy to itself and speed up. She wasn't sure how she knew, but she could feel that the wound would be fully healed within half a candlemark. She blinked.


No. I will not have you experimenting on yourself if it means hurting you. You should have the healers inspect it once it is healed. I won't risk taking you back up without their clearance. He said firmly, growling at the idea her or anyone else causing her injury.

Verideth, I have to find out if there is more to what my does than its innate functioning. There is no other way to do it. Please trust me and don't be too upset.

Alior and Buracheth - injured; 19 Head| injured; 8 Wing
Alior and Buracheth were doing great. They hadn't fumbled any of the bags as they passed them to riders. They hadn't dropped any as the younger weyrlings and candidates passed them up to be loaded. They'd been able to avoid any missed thread with only occasionally having to flame some themselves. Alior was very proud of how well Buracheth was holding up. If they kept it up, they would make it through the fall without injury.

Except while that was a nice thought, it didn't work quite that way. While delivering a bag of firestone, a patch of thread landed on Buracheth's wing. He roared his pain and took them between. When came out he couldn't stay in the air. The thread had eaten into the muscle at the upper joint. While it would heal, in the immediate situation, he couldn't keep his wing open. They plummeted quickly, Alior thrown about in his straps. Buracheth knew something was wrong before they ever hit the ground, though. Other dragons came to ferry them, though not quickly enough, but Alior hadn't been present since they came out of between.

Alior! Alior, we're safe now.. Oh Alior please come back.. Buracheth exclaimed, trying to maneuver around so he could see his rider and dislodging the healers trying to get to him in the process.

"Do hold still," Mithalria said calmly, placing a hand on Buracheth's side. "They can't tend your rider and my journeyman can't tend you if you are moving all about."

Oh. Oh yes, sorry. Buracheth responded He will be okay, won't he? He chose to remain optimistic even though he couldn't feel his rider's mind. The instinct to jump between was there, but he refused to believe the world cruel enough to take his rider from him after so short of time together. So he stayed.

"It looks.. "

"We won't know for sure until they have had time to examine him and let the mages look at him. For now, it is best for both you and your rider if you can remain calm." Mithalria responded, cutting off the journeyman who had begun talking. A Master healer swatted the boy upside his head, saying something that was clearly a reprimand from the tone, but couldn't quite be fully heard by anyone else.

Y'kima and Azlith - no injury | injured; 19 Chest

Y'kima was tending the wounded as best she could. She was only an apprentice, but found herself working on some of the more serious wounds along side a Master healer and sometimes a journeyman or two if the wounds warranted it. This was more because her dragon was needed on such cases. It was one of these that became a problem.

The rider was extremely injured and had lost consciousness. The dragon made to jump between and Azlith restrained him. It was meant only to be until they were sure if he would live or die, but the dragon fought against it. When arguing and mentally trying to fight her didn't work, he resorted to a physical attack. This resulted in several large wounds in addition to shallower ones, but the worst of all was the blow to her chest. She was losing blood quickly. Too quickly. Even then, she held on until she couldn't. Until her mind slipped into an unconscious fog and he was able to full free. It was actually lucky for her that she couldn't hold him any longer because as long he was there fighting against her, no healers could get to Azlith. As soon as he'd betweened she was swarmed with dragon healers.

"Azlith! You never do know when to give up. Oh, you can't die on me." Y'kima cried, wanting to touch Azlith, but unsure where wouldn't cause her more pain.

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Masterhealer Berjehn and officer Keroth

Suddenly Keroth's head went up, and she swung her head around, as a relatively small fireball went up somewhere not so far away. Firestone area. We go, yes? Her usual, dispassionate self, the officer bendt down slightly, lifting a forearm just a bit to make getting up easier. Both for Berjehn and a few other Healers who also scrambled up to come along.

Hefting the box of supplies he'd brought along to rest it against the dragon's neck in front of him. Berjehn swore quietly as Keroth took off, circling the area a few times in tight loops. Waiting until they got the all clear; any fires resulting from the explosion were under control. Then she dove down and landed.

We're here. My rider is a Masterhealer, those other two are to be trusted too, she told Azyth. One of them was a Healer through magic. And while not a Master, certainly, looking at Azyth's rider, Keroth had to admitt that the adept's talent might be needed.

Getting down, Berjehn approached Azyth, the unconscious F'dae, and the candidate fairly slowly. Of-course being careful about approaching a dragon he didn't know, and couldn't say how would act with her rider badly burned and unconscious. "I'm Healer Berjehn. Mind if I, and these two," he gestured to the younger Healers behind him, "treats the injuries of your rider and the other one?"

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((This is my non-main-character account--posting with the injured ones, plus copy-pasting from my original post, with an additional Azyth reply to Berjehn.

Ta'ji is for Prissy/Rekal.))

F'dae and Soldier Azyth
Bagging Firestone - 16 | 4

Putting firestone in bags was incredibly dull, and there was little to do. Most didn't seem to want to chit chat during the threadfall, for whatever reason, so there wasn't much to listen to, either. Besides, probably not the time to talk and manipulate, herself, as that would only get her stares. Azyth hung around nearby, not willing--nor needed--for participating in the actual bagging, but occasionally being asked to drag a bag over to her rider, or back. At least it wasn't filthy work, really, but it was annoying.

As she pulled a bag, a clumsy candidate dropped a broken flamethrower on Azyth's tail, causing the dragon to let out a shriek of surprise. F'dae jumped up, knocking her own progress over. "Azyth, Azyth! Are you okay?" Upon realizing that her dragon merely had a bruised tail, and comforting her, she turned to the apologetic candidate. "Be more careful," she said, trying not to hiss the words through her teeth. She smiled, but it did not appear genuine in the slightest--she couldn't well keep up pretenses when her dragon was threatened.

The candidate muttered an apology, indicating that the flamethrower needed to be taken to someone with expertise, to fix it.

F'dae frowned, picking it up and peering at it. "Let me see it." As if she had the expertise to even be using a flamethrower, she did...well, she wasn't really sure what she did, but suddenly, it more or less blew up in her face. She was thrown back, and felt a surge of pain unlike she'd ever felt. For a moment, she couldn't see anything, blinded by the explosion, but she could feel everything. Burns on her arms, her chest, and her face. Her beautiful face! She screamed, feeling the pain but more concerned about her loss of her beauty, potentially. A mirror, she needed a mirror, and--

Why could she still not see? Why did her eyes burn like that? Why did--Oh. Oh, no.

Meanwhile, Azyth let out another, louder shriek. MINE NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION, she screamed. It was important, mostly because, regardless of how bad the pain was, and the danger associated with it, F'dae was absolutely freaking out.

"My face, Azyth, my face!" she cried, feeling as though her facial skin was just eaten away, as if she had no skin left, and only had bits of flesh hanging from exposed bones. In reality, as Azyth begrudgingly showed her what she looked like, it wasn't quite that bad. Her face had severe burns, though, as well as cuts from the small explosion, and they marred what she considered to be beauty. Her hair, singed, would not grow back for a while--her lovely hair!--but hopefully that would. And she couldn't see! She couldn't see! That was the worst of it, she couldn't see!

So, of course, she fainted, right on top of the poor candidate. Azyth cried out again, but whipped her head around as the healers approached. She forced herself to calm down, even just slightly, as she replied, Fix her...please.

Aaonaia and Soldier Aaonask
Ground Crew - 15 | 20?

"Was not."

Was too.

"I absolutely was not."

You absolutely was too. Aaonask nudged her handler, amusement in her eyes, as she teased her handler about flirting with her crush. Is okay. Will not tell. A pause. Telling Sunithan come later. Aaonaia grumbled, cheeks flushing with more heat than usual. She batted at her wher, giving a soft growl, displeased with the way the conversation had gone.

"Come on, I wasn't flirting. I'd have no reason to."

Except big, ugly love.

"There is no big ugly--" she paused, realizing she was speaking aloud. There is no big, ugly love. You're big and ugly.

Aaonask snorted, but her eyes flashed with red in irritation. Fine, will-- Their conversation was cut short, as a cry went up from the ground crew. They hadn't been paying attention--despite the importance of their task--and now a bit of thread, picked up and kept in the air by a wind current, flew towards Aaonaia. And for the first time in her life--she froze. Luckily for her, Aaonask didn't, and bowled into her handler, knocking her off her feet, and out of the way. Pain seared through her legs and chest, as she was tackled to the ground by her wher, and she felt the agony of bones breaking, dislocating, and badly, at that. But that wasn't why she screamed.

Both handler and wher screamed as Aaonask writhed under the sting of the thread. Unable to between, the pain simply ate at Aaonask, and it seemed like an eternity before someone screamed something about water, and shoved the wher off of Aaonaia, as someone dragged water towards them. But Aaonask wouldn't make it, stumbling forward, screaming and falling to the ground and writhing, for a few more seconds, before falling still, twitching a few times, precious moments before the water came.

Someone was screaming. Aaonaia could hear them screaming their lungs raw, as she stared at Aaonask's dead body, but she felt so distant, so far away. Everything on her body hurt, but it was no longer the intense pain of the thread eating her body away, that she'd felt through Aaonask. She felt the ache of her body, and worse, the ache of her soul...but they felt numb. Distant. Far away. She felt like she was floating in nothing...maybe she'd gone between? But why could she hear that screaming? Not stopping, never ending screaming?

Finally, Aaonaia's voice cut out, the scream growing fainter and fainter until she passed out, terrified and wounded.

Ris and Soldier Kalikath
Fleet/Deities, replenishments - 13 Right Arm | None

Threadfall. There hadn't been many since that disastrous threadfall, months past, but Ris was still wary. It wouldn't do to stop being wary, after all. She'd do what she needed to do, but she'd be happier if they didn't have to fly thread. She'd once thought it an admirable job, perhaps, but then she'd come to realize that it was meaningless, pointless death and injury. They could never stop thread from falling, and it was exhausting. If they kept losing people to injury...would they have enough in fighting form?

As she mounted her dragon, Kalikath reminded her, We are protecting the people and the planet. Even if the war will never end, it is nothing more than a war.

But people can be defeated. If there's no end, ever...I'm not going to stop fighting, but it's frustrating. Kalikath shifted under Ris, accepting her response with a surge of affection and love, before following the fellow weyrlings into the sky. For a while, threadfall was uneventful...but kind of exciting, regardless of the risk. Ris and Kalikath found themselves almost enjoying it, the thrill of flying, and even if they weren't flaming, they brought the firestone, as was their duty. Even though two dragons died, they used that information to merely keep themselves alert. Mourning could happen later, even if Kalikath let out a soft keen.

Until they got too close to a burst of thread, picked up by the wind to tumble in their direction. They tried to between to the Weyr when they saw it, but careful as always, neither did it out of panic, and focused before they did. They even focused through the pain, as Ris was hit by a few strands on her right arm, before betweening safely to the weyr. Ris...are you...?

"I'm fine, Kalikath," Ris said with a grimace, ripping the lower part of her shirt to try and bind the wounds. Her arm would be fine, in time, with hardly any lasting damage beyond a scar and a bit of stiffness, but it hurt now.

A healer, Ris, Kalikath said firmly. She wasn't upset, nor was Ris, but if healers were available, why didn't Ris ask for one. Before Ris could object, Kalikath reached out to the mind of a nearby healer. My rider is injured. Not gravely, but she is in pain.

Ta'ji of Soldier Evieth
Quicksilver Wingriders - 19 left Arm | None

This threadfall is going so well, Ta'ji remarked to her dragon. A lot of people seemed worried, because there wasn't much chance to practice since the big one, but... It might have been a little early to be saying so, but at this point, they'd been flying thread for what felt like a while. In fact, Quicksilver was probably going to be switching out before they knew it, and as far as Ta'ji knew--oh.

Two dragons perished, one after the other, causing Ta'ji's heart to sink. Death...death, already? She didn't know how many were injured, but losing two this early, even when things had seemed to be going well for a few minutes...

Ta'ji mulled it over, distracted as they were fighting thread. It was just barely that the pair avoided a patch of thread, popping into between. Lucky, they thought, for a moment, to have missed it--but as they emerged once more from between, it was right in the middle of a patch of thread. Ta'ji screamed as she felt pain in her left arm, left chest, left head. It was like everything was on fire, and it felt like it was spreading, and...

Between, Ta'ji! Evieth reminded her, shrieking into her head, focusing her so that they could between back to the weyr, and they did. Evieth landed as fast as she could, but Ta'ji, fading in and out of consciousness, fighting the injury, couldn't move from her dragon's back. There was blood everywhere, and at the very best, she'd lose the arm...though she was bleeding out fast, she was still alive.

Panicked, Evieth screamed, a wild, fearful roar. SOMEONE HELP TA'JI, she bellowed, unable to do anything.

Eletsoria and Knight Eletsosk
Healing - 11, head | 3, left arm

Healing was a calming activity, to Eletsoria, and although most injuries were left with some kind of mark, she was proud to say that a lot of her healing today merely left a faint, faded scar. It was slow, though, slower than some people's healing abilities, and she had to use it several times to get anything more than minor injuries to heal. As she approached an injured wher, intending to help him, someone shoved her away--his handler?--causing her to fall backwards. She hit her head on something, the corner of a surface, perhaps? For a moment, she was dazed, as the panicked handler looked over to her and muttered something vaguely like an apology. "No, no," she said, finally. "Don't worry yourself over the healer who was just trying to help you, who you injured." She touched the back of her head, feeling blood matting her scalp.

Lucky for Kahtiss, she was a healer. She could heal herself. So, she closed her eyes, calling upon her healing abilities. Usually, she was suited towards minor injuries, even more minor than the bleeding on her head, but even moderate injuries could be, at least, lessened. She glanced at the wher, glad to see a different healer had approached. Good enough for her--up until she saw Eletsosk disentangle himself from some bandages he'd tried to organize, going up to Kahtiss and...biting him on the ankle. Yelping, the handler kicked her wher out of the way, and Eletsoria rushed to him. He was barely injured, but she healed his bruising anyways, and shouted something at Kahtiss--who wasn't paying attention anymore.

"Eletsosk, you can't do that. I'm fine," she said, wrapping her arms around him.

Hurt Eletsoria! How dare! Gross, evil man. Will fight. Eletsoria comforted him, shushing his anger.

Kahtiss and King Kahtisk
Ground Crew - 6, chest | 18, Right rear leg

Kahtiss and Kahtisk were exchanging quips and doing their duty, not paying much mind to anything but flaming the fallen thread. As they rounded an obstacle, likely a large boulder, having spotted some thread nearby, a burst of flame licked at them. Unlucky, that another person had also seen the thread, and gone to flame it...right as Kahtiss and Kahtisk rounded the bend themselves. Kahtiss got the tail-end of the fire-burst, giving him a faint burn on his chest, scorching his clothing as he frantically patted it out, but Kahtisk got the brunt of it.

Luckily, it was only his right rear leg, rather than something more vital, but the flame seemed to cover it for a good few seconds, as the wher bellowed in pain, falling down. "I'm so sorry!" the woman said, her wher quickly calling an ambulance dragon.

Kahtiss swore at the woman, anger misplaced, and almost didn't let the arriving dragon take his wher back to the Weyr. But after some hemming and hawing, and some insults from Kahtisk, they were off. As they landed, Kahtisk was removed from the dragon, and they waited for the healer. Where was the healer?

Instinctively, as a woman approached from behind, Kahtiss shoved her away, unaware that it was, in fact, the healer. She grumbled at him, and he begrudgingly apologized, too focused on his wher. He let the next healer(s) by, though, and was focused on them...up until a little green wher attacked him, biting his leg. Giving a surprised cry, he kicked the wher away from him, glaring at his handler--the woman--before turning his back on both.

Deira, Soldier-King Candesk, Queen Eirask,
and Scout Deisk

Helping Wherlings - 2 right arm | None | None | None

Deira, as Wherlingmaster for Candesk's (and Kansk's) clutch, was expected to oversee and help the wherlings with their tasks. She gave instructions as needed, holding Deisk in her arms like a tiny cat-ruler-thing, as he shouted at the candidates and 'lings. Candesk patrolled, making sure no one was getting into too much trouble, while Eirask had shifted to be bipedal and have hands, with which she could help fill bags herself. Some gave her odd looks...there had already been talk of making her a cull queen, since she insisted on doing so, and that was fine with her. Being a queen wher was not a solid part of her identity...very little about her physical form, if anything, was. Deisk was surprised as a candidate bumped into them, and bit down on Deira's right wrist--just barely hard enough to cause a scrape.

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Karou and King Zaielsoth
Flash wingriders - 1 chest | 4 left foreleg

As Karou made her way past the other dragons towards her own, ready to mount and fly thread, one dragon's tail whipped her in the chest, knocking the wind out of her. "Sorry!" the rider said, flashing her a grin, to which Karou grunted. You are not superstitious, Zaielsoth commented.

It does not bode well, regardless, Karou remarked, not minding that Zaielsoth noticed her apprehension following the event. They are not disciplined. They make mistakes. 'Sorry' won't save people. And isn't that a wingleader? She should know better. Threadfall could be very, very dangerous. There was no room for people to make mistakes, she thought, as she climbed onto the king dragon.

It turned out that this would be a disastrous threadfall, too. Karou gave a slight, barely noticeable grimace as a few dragons died, noticing the lack of discipline in her wing, and noting whenever a rider dropped out, injured. Poorly done. As they received a bag of firestone from a weyrling, the bag bumped against Zaielsoth's foreleg, which would have caused a bruise from the impact, had Zaielsoth not been armored with spikes. As it was, his spikes punctured the bag; the bag got stuck on his foreleg, and as he tried to shake it off, they were shunted out of their position in the wing. The weyrling's right leg was hit by some falling firestone, but not enough to truly injure her.

Zaielsoth quickly righted himself, and no further damage was done. If you are not more careful, someone will be injured, Zaielsoth remarked.

Remind me to see to it that that weyrling is reprimanded and given some sort of remedial courses.

Syr, Knight Roraeth, and King Syreth
Quicksilver Wingleader - 2 right arm | None | N/A

(( @Caro but also all of Quicksilver))
As they prepared to take off, Syr adjusted the straps one more time, but the buckle dug into Roraeth's shoulder, causing him to lash his tail--hitting a passing wingrider on her way to her dragon. "Sorry!" Syr called, before calling someone over to make some improvised padding to prevent the buckle from wearing on Roraeth's hide.

Once she was all set and ready, she walked among the dragons from her wing, calling her wingriders over. "Alright! Another threadfall! I know we're out of practice, as it hasn't been needed as much this winter, but that's no reason to get sloppy. We've done the drills, we've practiced our formations--the only difference is that this time there's thread. Remember to fly in formation, but if you are injured, return to the Weyr."

Pep-talk given, she returned to her dragon, mounting Roraeth. Roraeth shifted to allow her easier access, but both thought of the injury they'd sustained in one of the recent threadfalls, and hoped it wouldn't happen again. If it did, they would just need to fly, and hope for the best. As Syr fastened her straps, she pinched her finger on her right hand, causing a bit of blood to well up, but she ignored it.

Syreth, back in the safety of their weyr, grumbled about his inability to fly thread. Someday, it would be him that Syr flew with, not Roraeth, no matter how the dragon disagreed. Syreth knew, deep down, that he wasn't as close to Syr as her primary bond was, but he refused to believe he was lower in the hierarchy. No, surely Syr would fly with a king over a knight, when given the chance? Naturally, Syr hadn't confirmed either way...

Off they went, despite Syreth's grumpiness. It seemed like quite a few of their wingriders--and other wingriders, as well--were getting injured. Some dragons died, and it seemed to be a poor threadfall. Their wingsecond, soon, needed to drop out of threadfall, due to injury. Tighten up formation! Roraeth called.

Who wasn't injured badly? It seemed so many of her wing were dropping out, or at least struggling. The empty spot where their wingsecond had been meant that if anything happened to Syr and Roraeth, the wing would fall to chaos. They needed a temporary wingsecond.
She noticed a wingrider, one who seemed nice enough, and made a split-second decision, despite not knowing the man or his abilities especially well. Still, she had the utmost faith in her wingriders. Micith! A'ra! Take the wingsecond position--we will need it. Everyone else, hold fast. Slipstream comes in soon.

Eu'mia and Knight Calith
Gemstone Weyrling, flying replenishment - No injury | No injury

While Y'kima had been "injured" during threadfall before, Eu'mia and Calith knew that healing would be the safest place for the two. They could rest easy, knowing that neither Azlith nor Y'kima would be in grave danger, even if both would jump to the rescue if even the slightest thing called for it. So, it was with little distraction that Calith and Eu'mia flew the firestone to the older dragons, doing their jobs dutifully. Luckily, the distraction came while they were touching down, prepared to get more firestone--Calith had felt some worry and distress from Azlith, but as the other dragon injured her, he was flying--Eu'mia on his back--towards his sister. They landed, and Eu'mia slid down from Calith's back, heading for Y'kima. "Y'kima..." she said, softly. She didn't need to look at Azlith to see the condition she was in, but she made herself look anyways, before looking back to Y'kima.

Y'kima was her dearest friend. And Azlith, Azlith was a part of Y'kima. They couldn't lose Azlith--but Eu'mia could do nothing about Azlith. She had to trust Azlith to her dragon, to the healers. Instead, she opened her arms, somewhat awkwardly, letting Y'kima know that if she needed comfort, Eu'mia was there. She'd never been very good at comforting others, but...she wanted to be.

Meanwhile, Calith felt...fear. It was irrational and foolish, an emotion that caused mistakes and issues, but he felt it. He wouldn't let it cloud his judgement, though. Calith would fight that. He didn't push any of the dragonhealers aside, but merely walked over to his sister. Azlith. Stay with me. He wasn't sure if he could heal the wounds on his own, but if he could get her to focus, to somehow be able to use their joint talent...then maybe, maybe they could heal her. Azlith, stay with me. We have to heal someone. He paused, hoping she could hear him, trying to pull her back. What could he do if she was unconscious? Sister, you are very important to me. You must make it through this.

She probably wouldn't be able to use her talent, not like this, was worth the attempt, wasn't it?

Nyr'a and Soldier Serowth
Zoids Weyrling, flying replenishment - 5 right leg | None

Nyr'a was more nervous than she would like to admit. She would be flying firestone to the wings, which was more dangerous than just bagging. What if something happened to Serowth? It was too dangerous, too dangerous to fly, and--

Nyr'a. I am not going anywhere. I promise you that. The calming voice of her dragon was what helped Nyr'a nod, and climb up, hefting the firestone into place. They could do this.

And they did, for a while. Nyr'a grew somewhat more confident. On her second trip, however, one of the younger weyrlings had attached a bag rather poorly, and as Nyr'a went to give it to the rider, she fumbled with it, causing it to fall off and fall onto the dragon's leg. The bag, impaled by a spike, got stuck on the dragon for a moment, as Zaielsoth dipped out of the wing, towards Nyr'a and Serowth, causing them to need to back up as well--and then a bit of firestone fell from the bag, as the rest of the bag tumbled downwards. It scraped and bruised her leg, but it was hardly the worst injury she'd had. Hardly.

Zaielsoth reprimanded them, and Nyr'a bowed her head, despite her frustration, before flying back down to the ground.

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Berjehn & Keroth

"We will. But we need to get her to the Infirmary for a proper look, that ok?" Berjehn didn't wait, but gestured to the other Healers to prepare stretchers, and to get the weyrling rider and the candidate on them. For now though, he kept his attention on Azyth.

Keroth, of-course, was a bit behind, and to the left of him. Her usual calm self. Come along.You won't have to let your rider out of your sight, she said. Naturally she didn't feel much at all even over things like this, that didn't mean she hadn't learned what to say.

Berjehn nodded. "What's your name, and your rider's? Can you tell me how she's feeling? What's the worst?" Pain was the obvious, of-course. But asking might bring information that they didn't know yet. As well as giving Azyth, as a young dragon, something to do. Alongside the fact that they might not get anything so coherent from F'dae right now.

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