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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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 Storm Nexus Timeline, participation mandatory
 Posted: Sep 28 2016, 10:28 PM

King of Applesauce and Resident Codebeast
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Welcome to the timeline; this is essentially a thread tracker for the entire site, mostly maintained by Tirya because this sort of thing is her eternal pet project.

While we are maintaining our policy of fuzzy time, it is now required to have at least a month and Turn for your Threads, declared at the top of the first post; specifying the day is appreciated, but not required.

It is the responsibility of the person who started the thread to submit it to the timeline using the following form; this can be after the first post, after it gets moving, or even once it's declared finished, but it needs to get on here eventually.

PSA: There are only twenty eight (28) days in a pernese month; there are 13 months in a turn.

[b][url=]Thread Title[/url] - IC Date[/b]
A simple, basic summary of what's going on in the thread.

Submitting your threads to the timeline is mandatory. Please help to make the site's story accessible.

Oldschool Storm Nexus: The Highlights (Show/Hide)

I'll be transporting highlights like Queenflights, Hatchings, and major plot threads here.

Gather at Hilltop - spring 2263 (better known as "the introduction of the Wheel of PPP Hell")
Gather at Skullstones - late 2266

Past Threads 2263-2266
Interesting is in the eye of the beholder - mid-2263
Sometimes Raiders need excercise too.

Month 7 Turn 4, Pass 10
The Adventure Continues - Month 7+ Turn 2266
Vidian and Jiskosmia explore the southern continent.

Month 4 Turn 6 Pass 10
Out of the South - Month 4, Turn 6, Pass 10.
Kereriar makes it to the coast of the Southern Continent. Hoping to convince the captain of a ship he comes across to take him north.

Month 10, Turn 6, Pass 10
Scary Picnic? - Month 10, Day 14, 2266
T'ki would like to have a picnic with some friends by the Big Lake, but Wraith makes things a bit difficult.

Month 13, Turn 6, Pass 10
Resting In The Sun - Month 13, Day 12, 2266
Yuraymafen is trying to keep his secret a secret while soaking up some sun on one of the very few warm days of winter.

Month 13, Turn 6, Pass 10
Bored in the Hold? - Month 13, Day 25, 2266
Mirte is rather bored and is wandering around Skullstone Hold with three of her nine pets.

Have You Seen Any Pests? - Month 13, Day 28, 2266
Breemara and her tiny scout wher Breemask are working on scouring the Weyr for any and all pests, and so far it seems the only scent trail Breemask has found is that of a strange rat.

Month 1, Turn 7, Pass 10
Secrets and Sweetsand - Month 1, Day 1, 2267
J'kosian discovers 'woof but not woof' Shuck's secret.

Flirting with Honey Badgers is bad for your health Month 1, Day 5, 2267
Syr pokes Dai with a stick shows fantastic survival instincts as she tries to flirt with the resident honey badger leather worker.

Wherbabies - Month 1, Day 4, 2267
Jerahr takes his baby whers to the kitchens for lunch.

Homesickness - Month 1, Day 8, 2267
Eu'mia and Calith slip out in the morning and ponder life.

Not an Adventure - Month 1, Day 11, 2267
Yanarrin and Shirazoth are out hunting, when they find Makai, unfortunately with an arrow first.

Ignore him, a.k.a. Ezimoth talks a lot - Month 1, Day 12, 2267
It's early in the morning and Ezimoth won't shut up. Maybe meeting Dai will make K'ye's day better...

Secrets & Descisions, Ireben/Open - Month 1, Day 12, 2267
Ireben wanders Skullstone Hold trying to decide what she should do.

Family Discussions, Anora/Camiron - Month 1, Day 14, 2267
Anora takes a little time away from the babies to enjoy a little free time.

Coming Clean - Mid Month 1, Day 14, 2267
Z'ros finally figures out that something is off about Padfoot

Morning Sunrise - Month 1, Day 28, 2267
Lorinat watches the sunrise and thinks dorky romantic thoughts.

DUTY AND HONOR! - Month 1, Day 28, 2267
Eu'mia walks directly into Locke and probably knocks him on his rear.

Month 2, Turn 7, Pass 10
Talking Things Out - Month 2, Day 10, 2267
Hoshi and Tiye sit down to talk about their relationship and what they want out of it.

Late Night and cups of Coffee - Month 2, day 3, 2267
Nightly wanderings of Healers, pondering work.

Seek and ye shall find - Month 2, Day 2, 2267
Kess and Auranath, intrigued by the rumors about a certain prickly Leathercrafter and HAD, try to track Dai down to discover the truth.

Muffled Cries - Month 2, Day 4, 2267
Villanara gets herself in trouble trying to escape dragon chatter.

Adaptive Measures - Month 2, Day 5, 2267
Hoping to avoid ruining her upcoming wedding, Pelli hides somewhere quiet and considers the changes that lie ahead.

Games for Dragons - Month 2, Day 5, 2267
Vreeth plays a game, Lyrin comes along. Others are welcome, especially if they want to make it a contest.

Wings of Grey - Month 2, Day 10, 2267
The Greywing Scavengers send Vaeryl on a mission to Plateau, but she has no idea what lies in store when she enters a weyr for the first time.

Show Time, Murith Rises! - Month 2, Day 12, 2267
Cleona is worried about her dragon's first flight, and realizes that there just aren't enough lessons to prepare a person for their dragon's first flight. Murith however is daring the males of the Weyr to join her in the sky.

Letters from Afar - Month 2, Day 14, 2267 (start)
A'ra and M'lona exchange letters to ease the pang of separation while A'ra is undercover at Stonefalls Weyr.

Let tiny squeaks abound, Shulei Litter! - Month 2, Day 15, Turn 2267
Tiske invites the Weyr to Impress Shulei

Bad Luck: No need Ta'jinx it. - Month 2, Day 17, 2267
Ta'ji and Evieth run into someone, after a day of bad luck.

Information Exploration - Month 2, Day 19, Turn 2267
On duty in the archives, Amaki and Amask have an unexpected encounter with a fellow archivist.

What's in Ana(m)e? - Month 2, Day 22, Turn 2267
Nyrida returns to the Weyr, hoping to find work, instruction, and relationships.

Gingersnaps Late Month 2, Day 25, 2267
- Dai's Soldier Flitter Ginger rises. Dai is not amused.

In the Depths of Plateau - Month 2 Day 26 Turn 2267
Someone is up to no good again. Possibly not causing death this time. There's also something of value left behind, at least for a particular person. Poor drudge Lyjimb has no luck though.

A Spark of Light - Month 2, Day 28, Turn 7
F'nyr climbs the Watch Heights to practice his magecraft with Emuntaith, but they are not alone.

Month 3, Turn 7, Pass 10
Clandestine Meeting, Indeed - Month 3, Day 1, Turn 2267
Evieth seeks out Fr'chimith in the middle of the night.

Intermission - Month 3, Day 2, 2267
Vaeryl adjusts to weyrlinghood in the days after Minervath's Hatching with Iaitaith and her fellow weyrling Shuck.

Sleeping like/on a rock - Month 3, Day 5, Turn 2267
Syr and Roraeth take a nap in the sun, and presumably, things happen.

Are you SURE flirting with honey badgers is bad? - Month 3, Day 7, Turn 2267
Syr attempts to make amends with Dai, in the form of sneaking into her workshop and leaving things there.

Wedding Celebrations - Month 3, Day 8, 2267
The Wedding Gather officially opens and the Lord Holder invites people to celebrate and enjoy themselves.

A day at the zoo Month 3, Day 8, 2267
Amaki meets Wyrhta, the archivist group begins to form up and the two talk about things for awhile.

Pet Give Away, Villanara gives away wheel pets. - Month 3, Day 8, 2267
Villanara has too many pets from the wheel to keep so she's giving some away.

Creature Pile - Month 3, Day 10, 2267
Caiben shares his pet gatherings with his fiance, he plans to make her "Suffer" with him.

Shall We Dance? - Month 3, Day 11, 2267
S'rai wanders the Gather with his new baby dragon.

Things Happen - Month 3, Day 12, 2267
Irmira has pregnancy complications, maybe even lost one or two of the babies she had..

Slip the Leash - Month 3, Day 12, 2267
Junia slips away from ehr guard to get away from things for a while. Not that she really had meant to slip away since it is nerve wracking.

Back from the Dead - Month 3, Day 12, 2267
Falrakim finds that Vaeryl is alive and that they have a son, he's not taking this shock all that well.

Curiosity and the Rabbit - Month 3, Day 13, Turn 2267
Vidian speaks to his grandfather for the first time.

Retail Therapy - Month 3, Day 13, 2267
A'ra surprises M'lona with being there and gives her more flitters along with something he hasn't actually handed her yet.

How to Wrangle a Weyrling - Month 3, Day 15, 2267
On the morning of the wedding, Kess and Syr try to convince Dai to come to Skullstones for the festivities with them, with mixed results.

Eggs, Eggs, And More Eggs, Iranen finds firelizard eggs! - Month 3, Day 15, 2267
Just as the title says, Iranen finds firelizard eggs.

Main Event - Month 3 Day 15 - early morning
Caiben finally marries Pelliryn and announces his control over Lake Hold.

Giving Into Instincts, It's more embarrassing than you think! - Month 3, Day 20 2267
Ru'phus gets hurt and has to go to the infirmary where he meets A'hara who then gets to pet a canid ferali, teaching them both that certain instincts are rather embarrassing.

Gather Threads
Month 3 Day 8 thru Day 15
Crazy Wheel
This is the wheel that inflicts hell pets on people as well as stuff.

Prize Booth
Where you turn your mysterious tickets from the wheel into prizes.

Dressed for Success
A Clothing Stall at the Wedding Gather

Dr'Chro and Sorezitath's Mystic Wonders, Sales Stall
A Wonders Stall at the Wedding Gather

Fr'chimith's Fantastic Pets
Fr'chimith's Gather Stall to sell eggs and to sell his talent to those who can afford it.

Shinies Galore
A jewelry stall that is selling any kind of jewelry imaginable.

When You Least Expect It. - Month 3. Evening of day 28.
Irimakth's eggs Hatches.

Suddenly Dragons - Month 3, Day 28.
Quarevth and Firrimekhth meet again after their departure from the Weyr, with their newly Impressed people in tow.

Shocking Surprise - Month 3 Day 28
Markinus surprise impresses to Werodanth and M'kai comes upon him with his own dragon.

So You Just Impressed a Dragon - Month 3, Day 28, 2267
After the Hatching of Irimakth's clutch, the new weyrlings gather to feed their dragons under Ty'dan's supervision, some better prepared for the change in their lives than others.

Month 4, Turn 7, Pass 10
Silencing a god - Month 4, Day 1, 2267
Candesk tells Deisk to shut up, but the real treasure is the friend they made along the way--a.k.a. Tyste.

Directions Please? - Month 4, Day 7, 2267
Not so familiar with the Weyr, Zhtjreniiverr might have become a little lost somewhere in the lower caverns.

Alberon and Sulith | S'ran and Urukath | M'kor and Morgoth | C'raia and Lenath | Emiya and Sarkith | B'rene and Hesaeith | Z'ros and Preleth
Q'jaali and Murasamath | Nysaki and Mecuazuth | Suri and Nyneoth | Rhavan and Tarivarsherath | Alcarien and Tiaalmath | Jinasa and Ignith
Linnica and Kimuth | Airris and Raytanyth | S'rali and Xavalinth | Akori and Xiaoth | F'leren and Mihaith | J'thani and Nenieth | Essii and Rhalasiisth
Kanchu, Kansk, Husk, and Emsk | Kias, Kiask, Kask, and Kisk | Shiarynri, Shiarysk, and Rynsk | Alisirra, Lisi, and Alisk | Tessen
Lyseron and Twilight-on-ocean-waves | Kasiri and Sunset-on-the-lake | Telai and Elaizesh | Nairo, Melath, and Besyanth
A'shan and Enarith | Masa

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 Posted: Feb 11 2017, 12:17 PM

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Friendly Reminder; please use this. I'm trying but I'm sure I'm missing threads.
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 03:05 PM

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Heavy Hearts, Cloudy Minds - Day 10. Month 5. Turn 7
Csianraa attempts to talk some sense into Kamui and Minervath.

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