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IC Date: Month 11 2267 to Month 6 2268
(Turns 7-8 of the 10th Pass)
Please do not go beyond these dates; going back and doing threads in the past is fine, going into the future is not.
Threadfall: Ongoing; intermittent and unlikely to freeze as the weather warms
Following a spectacular flight, Queen Minervath was caught by King Sulith and is now heavy with eggs. A new clutch is on the way, but will it be anything like her last or will this time bring joy and not sorrow?

Meanwhile, the Weyr continues to recover from the disastrous fallout of the first Threadfall of the Turn. Thread was successfully fought, but there were many injuries that brought the fighting strength of the Weyr down. A meeting has been called amongst the Weyr's leadership, Weyrlingmasters and Wingleaders to determine where the weaknesses lie.

In happier news, Senior Queen Kansk and Soldier-King Candesk have laid clutches, and as the eggs have hardened it has become clear that a joint hatching is to be expected.

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Apr 5 2018, 07:13 PM
OOC Data:
Player's Name: Knife
Character Number: PIRATE
Items Used: Heterochromia Token
Quitting instructions: Pseudoadopt or NPC Bin. Pseudoadopt means like... I'll probably want him back when I return, but if someone wants to adopt him as theirs-when-I'm-not-here, that's fine with me. I'd love to see him remain in play. He's such a salty bastard. XD
Permissions: My usual - feel free to draw/write about/etc.

IC Data:
Name: Sl'lend (Slalenden)
Race: Canine Ferali Mutt
Age: 39
Birthdate: 8.10.2229
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Predatory. Anyone will do so long as they'll let him do what he pleases with them (and not talk too much about it afterward, ideally.)
Rank: Rogue Knightrider. Member of a pirate band.

Talented? Y/N:
Skilled? Y/N:
Talent/Skill Information:

Appearance: Sl'lend is a scraggly-haired, sun-weathered little fellow, standing about 5'6", with a wiry, bony physique suggestive of many Turns of poor nutrition, plus long exposure to salty spray and strong sunlight. There is a fish hook permanently embedded in his right ear; this is not a deliberate decoration, but legacy of a bad storm at sea only barely survived. Or, rather, having it there wasn't deliberate. Leaving it in was. Many other scars and missing bits and pieces mark him; even for one who lives the rough life of a rogue dragonrider and a pirate, Sl'lend is remarkably battered. Though he has managed to keep both eyes and all four limbs, the pinky of his left hand is gone entirely, as are the tips of his ring and middle fingers on the same hand, and the right hand has lost the index finger. A big scar runs down his muzzle, cutting into the nose leather, and smaller nicks and pockmarks mar his sharp-featured canine face.

Sl'lend's ancestry cannot be definitively traced to any specific canine - he's a definite "mutt", in canine terms, though still relatively purebred by Ferali terms, in that his ancestors were exclusively canine-type Ferali. Still, he is not a wolf, nor a coyote, nor any given breed of domestic canine, nor even a 'pure' mixed-breed domestic. Rather, his features speak to individuals of all of those backgrounds among his ancestry. Sl'lend has a long, slender muzzle, pointed ears that have been cropped to stand thin and upright like a Doberman's would be IRL (done for practical reasons rather than fashion - he was trying to avoid things like the Fish Hook Incident, which ironically happened anyway), and odd eyes - one dark brown, one a startling shade of gas flame blue - that stand out in his face against his otherwise mostly medium-to-dark markings. He does not have a peg leg, but he does limp badly and has to use a walking-stick to get around. His coat bears an odd combination of markings - sabled like a wild canine, but merled and brindled like a domestic.

With his odd blond hair, odd eyes, scarred and battered visage, and his strange Seacrafter's manner, Sl'lend is a figure either eccentric or frightening depending on your point of view.

Sl'lend's coat colors and markings are similar to this, but with a prominent "sable" marking similar to what a wolf might have, and brownish red on the top of the muzzle and backs of the ears:


Mar 20 2018, 03:00 PM
OOC Data:
Player's Name: Knife
Quitting instructions: NPC bin or tentative adopt. Basically I don't mind if someone picks up these two to play while I'm gone but if I come back I'm probably going to want them back, or at least to share museship.
Permissions: My usual - feel free to draw, write about, etc.

IC Data:
Name: T'lere (Tialere)
Race: Therioi
Age: 17
Birthdate: 9th Day 9th Month 2251
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual. (As distinct from pansexual. She's cool with ladies and dudes, but might struggle a bit with non-binariness, especially intersex folks and trans folks who have taken steps to transition but haven't completed it yet - anyone in between or of ambiguous identity makes her a little uncomfortable, though she feels bad about it and tries to hide it. Still, she'd probably never date such a person, and if she found out she'd been with one because of a Flight or something she'd probably be kind of embarrassed and unsure what to do about it, as if it were something that even needed to be "done something about" in the first place. She's young, though, and may grow out of this with more life experience.)
Rank: Wingrider (Soldier)

Talented? Y/N:
Skilled? Y/N:
Talent/Skill Information:





Name: Morvoroth
Species: Dragon
Caste: Soldier
Rank: Wingrider
Fertility: Fertile male mutant. Sires an excessively large number of Soldiers with any mate, and will probably throw a Scout about every five clutches he sires (possibly more often if the female's genetics are also unstable/less than ideal.)
If he flies a fellow Soldier, the clutch will be small (no more than roughly 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the female's max possible clutch size, rounding down - so if the female normally lays 5-10 egg clutches, her clutch with Morvoroth can't have more than 8 eggs, and will most likely number 3-5.) The eggs will be all Soldiers with the occasional Knight (each egg from a Soldier x Soldier match has a 10% chance to be a Knight), and a Scout here and there (Morvoroth's eggs have a 20% chance to be Scouts, with only one Scout allowed per clutch unless one of the scouts is chimeric with another caste or the Scout egg is twinned. Triplet Scouts would not survive - the egg would simply be a dud.) All Morvoroth-sired eggs have a flat 2% chance to be duds. Roll 1-100; if the result is 1 OR 100, the egg is a dud. Any other result is a viable egg. When rolling the other eggs, check for Scoutism first with a roll of 1-100. 1-5 = Scout. If negative for Scoutism, roll 1-10 to check if the egg is a Knight. 1 = Knight. If not a Knight, check 1-10 for Chimerism. 1 = Chimera. If none of the above, the egg is a Soldier. Those are the ONLY possibilities when his mate was a fertile female Soldier.
If he catches a fertile female Knight, the clutch's max possible size is reduced as above. The clutch will be about 60% Soldiers, with the remainder Knights.
Hex Code:
Talented? Y/N
Skill? Y/N
Talent/Skill information:

Appearance: Morvoroth is a hulking monster of a Soldier. Having inherited his dam's fertile gender-swap mutation and his sire's gigantism, Morvoroth is frequently mistaken for an Officer or even a small King. Massing fully 48 feet in length, all muscle and power, this brutish dragon just does not look like a Soldier at all. However, that is the caste he proclaims himself to be, and other dragons can instinctively sense that he's telling the truth, so the humans around them have no choice but to accept him as what he says he is. His limbs ripple with sleek yet bulky muscle, like the limbs of a wild Siberian tiger. Morvoroth's body has a tapering form, almost bulletlike, with broad shoulders and a sturdy barrel that narrows to a trim waist.


Morvoroth IS a Soldier. Just a severely mutated, abnormal one. Not that he sees it that way, of course. To Morvoroth, he is the best Soldier ever and it is his job - no, his duty, his purpose in life - to sire mighty Soldier offspring like himself and to advocate for Soldiers in general. He views Knights as allies in the cause, but all higher ranked dragons are the "Establishment" to him, effectively, and he views them either with suspicion as potential oppressors and rivals, or with a sort of unintentionally patronizing gratitude if they agree with him.


Caste/Rank: If applicable.
Hex Code: Optional.
Talented/Skilled? If applicable. For wyverns, use this slot to describe their venom. For blink cats, note their three innate Talents here. Most fire lizards and basilisks are not noticeably Talented, but it's not unheard of. Flitterkin and rokards lack Talent. Barghests lack individual Talents.
Mar 19 2018, 07:02 AM
5 Mating Flights since reaching age two

Maiden Flight at age two - 2263. Mid-Summer.
Winner: King Sulith
NPC Clutch -
1 King (male)
1 King (fertile female)
2 Officers (male)
1 Officer (fertile female)
1 Knights (male)
1 Chimeric Knight (male Knight/Knight chimera - exhibits brindle or patchwork chimerism)
1 Knight (fertile female)
3 Soldiers (female)
1 Soldier (fertile male)

Second flight at age three - 2264. Late Summer.
Winner: King Urukath
NPC Clutch -
1 King (male)
1 King (fertile female)
1 King/Queen chimera (infertile female - the King half was an infertile female and unfortunately for the Queen embryo, when her embryonic egg got merged with the embryonic infertile-female-King egg, it was the King's ovaries that wound up developing within the combined creature, not the Queen's. This chimera is patchwork or brindle - her chimerism should be visually obvious.) - Claimed by Tirya
3 Officers
1 Knight (male)
3 Knights (female - 2 infertile 1 fertile)
3 Soldiers (female)
Soldier [m] -th of M'ryn - Claimed by Sari

Third flight at age four - 2265. Late Summer.
Winner: Knight Enwarath
All offspring of this clutch are mutant in some form or another. At least 2 of them inherit their sire's four-wings mutation.
NPC Clutch -
2 Knights (male)
1 Knight (fertile female) - tentative claim by Sari; may go back up for adoption
Soldier -th of R'ider (claimed by Grey, name will be edited in when character is made)
1 Soldier (female) - tentative claim by Sari; may go back up for adoption
1 Scout (sexless; gender identity, if any, up to adopter) - Claimed by Tirya

Fourth flight at age five - 2266. Early Summer.
Winner: King Ezimoth
Most offspring in this clutch are mutant in some form. At least 1-3 inherit Ezimoth's full scaling and a further 1-3 inherit his gigantism (not necessarily the same dragons - 3 can be full scaled and a different 3 can have gigantism, or there can be 3 giants with full scaling, or there could be one giant with full scaling and two non-giants with full scaling and two giants with normal hide... etc.)
NPC Clutch -
1 King (male)
1 Officer (male)
1 Officer/Officer chimera (may be patchwork, brindle, or blended - if blended, can be apped as a standard Officer if you wish, since it may not be evident that he is in fact chimeric)
Officer Omescuth of Jas (Sari) - gigantism
3 Knights (male)
2 Knights (1 fertile female, 1 infertile female)
1 Soldier (sterile female)
Soldier [m] Morvoroth of T'lere (Knife) - gigantism
Soldier/Knight [f] Veruith of Des (Sari)

Fifth flight at age six - 2267. Mid-Summer.
Winner: Soldier Suelath
No clutch obvs

Due to rise again in Summer 2268. May go up a bit sooner than normal because she didn't actually clutch last time, but since she's completely happy with Lady Attentions, maybe not? Depends on what the group wants OOCly I guess.
Mar 19 2018, 03:59 AM
People may choose to officially register their Elain with the Beastcraft's purebred elain registry. All purebred elain may register, but they are required to -only- if they are fertile -and- going to be bred. Even then, that's only if the owners of the parents care if their offspring are officially considered purebred and allowed to participate in purebred-only stuff like shows, events, and the like. If they don't care, it doesn't matter.

If the parents of a clutch aren't both registered, the offspring can't be registered either, and will be considered random-bred officially, which will limit their ability to participate in the world of purebred Elain stuff. This may or may not matter to you as a player. It's up to you.

Note that to be considered purebred, an Elain must be bred from two parents that are not only purebred themselves, but members of the same breed. Most Elain breeds have an open registry, meaning outcrossing to related or similar breeds is allowed. This means that if two elain are, for example, purebred nimble mountaineering types, or purebred heavy war mounts, their offspring can be registered with either parent's breed, or even both.

There are also what are called Stock Elain, which are not quite "purebred" but not random-bred either. Basically, stock elain are those who have been selectively bred within a given type or class - mountaineering, general war/battle, guarding, hunting - but do not meet the standard for any specific breed within that type. These animals are not permitted to compete in some shows and events, especially those which focus on specific breeds. However, most 'general' shows will have an entry class for stock animals as well as one for purebreds. When you cross two purebreds from within the same broad type, but not the same narrow type (for example, a nimble mountaineering strider, one that's been selected for somewhat smaller size and extreme mountain-goat-like surefootedness, with a pack mountaineering strider, which is optimized for larger size and the ability to bear weight in thin air) you produce stock elain. New breeds are often created by combining stock elain with desired traits, selecting and narrowing until you produce a specific, repeatable thing that can be described with a breed standard.

The reasons to register a Strider, sterile or not, are:

- to establish official ownership (helps in cases of thievery or losses for which grievances might be filed); especially critical for animals owned by a Hold, Hall, or Weyr rather than an individual.
- to create an official record of the animal's existence for insurance/claims purposes (if a dragon comes down in a herd of your bloodstock and eats/kills important animals, it helps, when you take your case to the Weyr, to be able to show documentation that the animals really existed and were in fact considered valuable purebreds.)
- to establish the animal's lineage
- to establish its eligibility to compete in certain shows, events, and the like. (Just like IRL, there are all kinds of equestrian and canine-style events like dressage, basic conformation/obedience, etc., and most of them go by breed and require a correct pedigree and conformance to a breed standard to compete.)
- if the Elain is a Royal or fertile mutant, registry is required for their offspring to be able to be registered
- registered breeders have access to the Beastcraft's studbook, which gives them much more options for finding appropriate mates; otherwise most people would be limited to whatever can be found in their immediate area near where they live. This allows people to find out about each other and open communications over longer distances to arrange meetings and breedings.

You must choose a prefix or a possessive when you register your elain. Prefixes and possessives can be combined ("HTH Arrow's Star-Crossed Lover") but don't have to be.

If your character will be leaving the Weyr and including their beast as part of the breeding stock or official property of a hold (of any size/status), use the appropriate three-letter prefix. Stonefalls Weyr would be SFW. Skullstones Hold would be SSH. The main Harper Hall would be HMC; the secondary small Harper Hall based in Plateau Weyr, were it to own any Striders specifically of its own separate from the Weyr proper, would be PHC.

All Hold prefixes end in H, Weyrs in W, and Halls in C (for Craft) and start with the first letter of the organization's name. P for Plateau Weyr, F for the Fishcraft, I for Imperatorius Hold, and so on. The middle initial varies. Crafthalls usually use it to distinguish between their main Hall, which is designated M, and secondary or minor Halls, which are designated with the first letter of the Hold or Weyr the secondary/minor Hall is located within. These rules may be modified for specific instances if it turns out two major entities would end up with the same prefix.

Tiburon Hold - TBH
Hilltop Hold - HTH
Skullstones Hold - SSH
Swordspass Hold - SPH
Nepharka Hold - NPH
Rainwilds Hold - RWH
Sirocco Hold - SRH
Firepeaks Hold - FPH
Redhills Hold - RHH
Blackwoods Hold - BWH
Imperatorius Hold - IMH
Jeszara Hold - JZH
Taiga Hold - TGH
Prairie Hold - PRH
Alpine Hold - ALH

Plateau Weyr - PLW
Stonefall Weyr - SFW (no you can't use ABW XD)
Windhowl Weyr - WHW
Blackcrown Weyr - BCW
Snakebone Weyr - SBW
Sunrise Weyr - SRW

Main Harper Hall - MHC
Main Smith Hall - MSC
Main Fisher Hall - MFC (though properly called the Seacraft, referred to as Fishers here to distinguish from Smiths)
Main Soldier Hall - MGC (G for Guard to, again, distinguish from Smiths)
Main Mage Hall - MMC
Main Leather Hall - MLC
Main Beast Hall - MBC
Main Farm Hall - MAC (the second letter in Farm is used because Fishcraft)
Main Healer Hall - MDC (D is for Doctor, though this word is largely forgotten in modern Pern; this system is very old)
Main Miner Hall - MRC (R for Rocks, as some uneducated Pernese call this the Rockcraft)
Main Wood Hall - MWC

For other halls, use the location of the secondary/minor Hall for the first letter. For example, the secondary Beasthall at Hilltop is HBC. Et cetera. If your first choice of three letters is already used or suggests an obvious conflict, you may want to bend the rules a bit. There are no redundant prefixes as that would make the whole system pointless. Smallholders either use a possessive, or base their three-letter prefix on that of the Hold they are beholden to, often but not always using S or M as a final letter to designate that they are not a major Holding.

For example: Frog River, beholden to Hilltop, might use HFM - Hilltop, Frog, Minor. Or they may do HFR - Hilltop, Frog River. (Either is acceptable but one or the other should be chosen rather than different people using both.)
Mar 18 2018, 05:28 PM
Frog River Hold - Beholde to Hilltop, so uses Hilltop's blue, white, and red as the basic colors. Adds Trundleblue Light and Grown Fellis Green.

Standard - The field is divided into thirds, colored red, white, and blue, in that order from left to right (viewer's perspective). Over this is a wavy line in Trundleblue Light (#45b0f4 or similar) down the middle, vertical, to represent the river itself. Centered above this is a heraldic/stylized frog. It is colored grown-fellis green (#396f2b) and shown as if looking down on the animal from above, with its mouth open as if calling (or screaming, depending who you ask).
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